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Step 8: apply for a Construction Certificate

Once you have received your development consent, you need to read the conditions which will outline what needs to be completed before, during and after construction of your development.

If your approval involves any form of construction works, you will need to obtain a Construction Certificate (CC) before carrying out any building.  A CC is needed to ensure your development will meet the conditions of your consent and any required building standards such as the Building Code of Australia.

You will also need to appoint Council or a private Accredited Certifier to assess your Construction Certificate and act as the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) for your proposed development.

If you decide to appoint Council as the PCA and would like us to issue your Construction Certificate, you can complete the following application:

You can also read about the different steps of the construction process and how you can apply for a Construction Certificate.

You can fast-track assessment of the CC by using Council's combined application process, allowing you to lodge your DA and CC at the same time with one application form:

Council's Certification Team is available to discuss your development and can provide a fee proposal so that you have all of the information available when deciding who you will appoint as your Principal Certifying Authority.