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Step 9: pre-commencement of building works

You must notify Council of your intention to commence works at least two days before any building works start. This must be a formal, written notification that includes:

  • the proposed start date of the building works
  • the details of your appointed Principal Certifying Authority (PCA). The Principal Certifying Authority is usually the same person or organisation that issues the Construction Certificate
  • the name of your builder. If you do not appoint a licensed builder and you would like to be the owner builder (project manager) for residential work exceeding $10,000, you will need to provide the Principal Certifying Authority with a copy of your Owner Builder’s Permit prior to commencement of works.  If you are using a licensed builder, the builder will also need to provide your PCA with a copy of your insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund (formerly Home Warranty Insurance Scheme).

You can complete the following form to notify Council of your intention to commence work: