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Step 2 - does your development require a Construction Certificate?

Once you have lodged your Development Application (DA), we will make a determination that either:

  • grants conditional approval, or
  • refuses the DA.

You will then be sent a formal notice of determination (consent) advising whether your DA has been approved or refused.  Where approval is granted, a notice of consent will include conditions and a set of your submitted plans and documentation for the development that has been endorsed (ie, stamped) as being approved.

If the notice of consent requires you to undertake any civil works, extension of reticulated water/sewer, inter-allotment drainage or new roads, a Construction Certificate (CC) will also be necessary. Council can be nominated as the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) for the development and a CC must be issued before the commencement of any building works - refer to the Construction Certificate process.

Council will carry out inspections to ensure compliance with the approved Construction Certificate plans.

If you would like to apply to Council for your CC, please complete the application form and return it to Council along with your application fee, plans, specifications and construction detail, and a long service levy receipt for works that exceed the sum of $25,000. Council will issue your CC once you have provided all of the information required in your application.

An application for a CC may not be made by a person who will carry out the building work or subdivision work unless that person owns the land on which the work is to be carried out.

Construction Certificate applications must address all relevant conditions of the development consent. Plans detailing construction works involved must be submitted with the CC application for approval.

Council will assess your CC and act as the Principal Certifying Authority for the development. Once the application has been assessed and found to be acceptable, a CC, set of stamped plans and the PCA letter will be returned to you.

The issue of a CC means that you can commence the civil works that have been approved.

If there is no mention of a CC being required in the development consent conditions, and once all other conditions have been satisfied, then you may lodge a Subdivision Certificate Application after receiving development consent - refer to step 3.

If you would like to apply to Council for a Subdivision Certificate Application, please complete the following application: