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Moruya Structure Plan

The Moruya Structure Plan is a visionary document setting out the strategic planning framework for development over 25 years. The Structure Plan sets out the planning framework for protection of the environment, traffic movement and connectivity of the settlement, and the scale, pattern and broad location of development including provision for new housing and business for Moruya. It does not zone individual sites, this is the job of the Local Environmental Plan. The purpose of the Structure Plan is to guide the preparation of the Local Environmental Plan and provide a framework within which decisions on future land use zoning can be made.

The Structure plan is not a planning scheme and does not have a role in development assessment. It is a strategy for understanding and managing growth and development in the study area. Given the Structure Plan deals with outcomes on a broad scale, it is sensible to include the more detailed development controls within a comprehensive Development Control Plan (locality code).

The Structure Plan will:

  • Identify the location of future residential areas
  • Identify the location of future commercial and industrial precincts
  • Articulate a road hierarchy and identify movement corridors
  • Incorporate good urban design principles that are characteristic of the area as perceived by Moruya residents
  • Consider and incorporate community vision principles derived by the Community Reference Group