Narooma Coastal Inlet Flood Study


Council has engaged independent consultants WMA Water to prepare a flood study for coastal inlets in the Narooma and Dalmeny areas. The study will help us understand the scope of flooding in Narooma and so we can plan for and manage flood risks.

The study is supported by the Office of Environment and Heritage, which has provided technical advice and funding under the NSW Floodplain Management Program.

The inlets included in the study:

  • Wagonga Inlet
  • Kianga Lake
  • Mummaga Lake and
  • The Duck Pond.

The project first started in September 2012 but was placed on hold following withdrawal of advice from the New South Wales Government on how to assess the impacts of sea level rise.

The project recommenced after Council adopted the South Coast Regional Sea Level Rise Policy and Planning Framework in November 2014.

When completed, the study will enable us to replace the Interim Coastal Hazard Adaptation Code and Investigation Area mapping for the study area. This will provide a clear picture of flood risk for people wishing to develop in these areas.

How does the draft flood model compare to real events?

Flood models give us an estimate of flooding and show us how deep flood waters may be during a large rainfall event.

To help make flood models as accurate as possible, flood engineers compare their models to real flood events.

For this study, the heavy rainfall that occurred in February 2010 was one of the recorded floods used to calibrate the model.

You can download maps below that show how closely the flood model compares to evidence collected by residents.

Photos taken by residents at different times during the flood show us that the model is a reasonable representation of the real flood event. The photos also show how important information from the community is to developing better information on flooding.


Next steps

The consultants and Council will review all submissions that are received during the exhibition.

The consultants response to each submission and copies of the original submissions will be provided to the Councillors when the project is reported for adoption.

Contact us

To find out more information on the project please contact our Coastal and Flood Management Planner: