Tomaga River Estuary

Tomaga River Estuary (the estuary) is located approximately 15km south of Batemans Bay in Eurobodalla Shire.

The entrance of the estuary, which separates the townships of Mossy Point to the south and Tomakin to the north, is permanently open and untrained.

The Tomaga River Estuary is about 9km long and its catchment is mostly generally forested and undeveloped, apart from the town of Mogo and residential development in the lower two kilometres of the estuary.

The Tomaga River Estuary is classified as a coastal plain estuary. The water of the estuary is well mixed and generally shallow. It has good water quality, extensive seagrass beds and intertidal sandflats, and is permanently open to the ocean. The estuary has mangrove and saltmarsh areas that are in good condition and contribute to an important feeding area for fish and birds.

The Tomaga River Estuary is classified as a recreational fishing haven and is protected from commercial fishing with no trawling, mesh nets or haul nets allowed.

For more information on recreational fishing havens, visit the NSW Government Department of Primary Industries website:

Tomaga River Estuary Management Plan

The Tomaga River Estuary Management Plan (Tomaga EMP) was completed under the direction of Council and the Tomaga Estuary Management Committee (now dissolved) following the planning process for estuary management. The plan formulated actions that would assist in maintaining the identified values of the estuary, being natural beauty, unspoiled environment, recreation, residential lifestyle, cultural heritage and flora and fauna.

The Tomaga EMP, adopted in 2005, identified on-ground projects and initiatives aimed at protecting and restoring key environmental assets and social amenity. Many of the high priority projects have been carried out, including erosion control works, weed control and water quality monitoring programs.

Study area

  • The study area comprises the tidal waterways, foreshore and adjacent land of the Tomaga River Estuary.
  • The estuary has a catchment area of 98km2 made up of Jeremadra Creek catchment, Mogo Creek catchment, Tomaga River catchment and Tomaga River.
  • The entrance of the estuary is protected by two large natural rock outcrops. A large vegetated sand spit extends from Tomakin to the entrance at Mossy Point.

Plan objectives

The objectives of the Tomaga EMP include to:

  1. manage the Tomakin Spit to minimise the likelihood of breakthrough and to minimise impact on users and the environment if breakthrough does occur
  2. moderate erosion due to steam meandering
  3. protect foreshore habitat
  4. manage threatened bird species on the spit
  5. resolve conflicts between users
  6. manage invasive species
  7. minimise pollutants entering the estuary
  8. protect seagrass
  9. moderate erosion due to boat wake and propeller wash
  10. ensure water quality is adequately monitored
  11. maintain the perceived unspoilt nature of the Tomaga River Estuary.

Tomaga River Coastal Zone Management Plan

Coastal councils are required to prepare Coastal Zone Management Plans (CZMPs) in accordance with the Coastal Management Act 2016.

The CZMP for the Tomaga River Estuary supports the goals and objectives of the NSW Coastal Policy 1997 (the policy) and assists in implementing integrated coastal zone management for the estuaryThis policy provides overarching direction for Council in the preparation and implementation of its CZMP.

The main aim of the CZMP is to protect and enhance key values of this estuary area by increasing resilience of the coastal zone and addressing key threats through efficient, effective and timely management.

The minimum requirements for a CZMP relate to:

  • preparation of the CZMP
  • coastal risk management
  • coastal ecosystem health, and
  • community uses of the coastal zone.

Preparation of the CZMP included consultation with the community and key stakeholders. The main theme raised by the community stakeholders was the need to protect the existing natural character and beauty of the area and maintain the highly valued passive recreational opportunities.

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