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Create a kinder world for our wildlife

Tuesday 4 December 2018

With the weather warming up and young leaving the nest, now is the time to be even kinder to our precious local wildlife.

Council’s Natural Resource Supervisor Courtney Fink-Downes says we can help look after our locals by being mindful before going about our normal daily activities, starting in the garden.

“The recent rain has put an extra step in the growth of our vegetables and the garden is now really flourishing, but please don’t use toxins to control any unwanted pests eating them,” she said.

“It is recommended to not use snail and slug baits on your property, such as those containing metaldehyde, as they can kill wildlife like lizards and birds.”

Courtney said hungry animals were also easily caught in fruit tree netting with a mesh size greater than 1cm square.

“Wildlife-friendly netting should have a mesh size of less than 5mm. We encourage the ‘finger test’ - choose netting that you cannot poke your finger through,” she said.

Pets too should be responsibly managed and contained to stop them harming small mammals, reptiles, birds and frogs.

Council distributes free CatBibs to owners of microchipped cats in an effort to reduce domestic cats hunting native animals and birds.

“They attach to cats’ collars, acting as a barrier between cats and their prey and interfere with the timing and coordination needed for successful hunting,” Courtney said.

“Murdoch University research has scientifically proven that CatBibs work to stop over 80 per cent of cats from catching birds and reduce small animal hunting by almost half.”

If you’re interested in receiving a free CatBib, contact Courtney Fink-Downes at Eurobodalla Council on 4474 7493 or email