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Exploring lives in limbo at the Bas

Thursday 13 June 2019

Lachie Hinton is no stranger to tension. The political tension of national borders crossed, the personal tension of life in detention; Hinton observes, captures, then retells the ebb and flow of crisis through painting and drawing, photojournalism and film.

Hinton’s latest exhibition LIMBOLAND opens at the Bas this week. Eurobodalla Council’s arts coordinator Indi Carmichael said the exhibition was Hinton’s response to two significant immigration events.

“LIMBOLAND presents in full Hinton’s work around both the 2016 European refugee crisis and Australia’s offshore detention program,” Ms Carmichael said.

“We’re excited to present this thoughtful and thought provoking exhibition, which builds on Hinton’s previous work exploring the effect of social and political forces on the human experience. Hinton is no stranger to zones of tension. He’s previously presented work based on the experience of Sydney’s prostitutes and daily life in isolated North Korea.”

Ms Carmichael said it was a powerful show and, with the exhibition opening on Friday 14 June, perfectly timed as the lead into Refugee Week.

“This exhibition isn’t just for the arty types. It’s for anyone who wonders what it is to be human when forces outside of your control overtake your life,” she said.

“As a part of the opening we’ll be screening the 2018 documentary LIMBOLAND, which Hinton produced in collaboration with photojournalist Mridula Amin when the pair travelled to Nauru to document the lives of people indefinitely detained for over five years.”

“On Saturday 15 June there’s an opportunity for the broader community to really get involved. We have Ian Campbell to emcee a panel discussion with the Refugee Action Collective Eurobodalla (RACE)’s Bernadette Richards, author and former Manus Island support worker Zac T Quinn, and recent refugee to Australia Abbas Hussaini.

“Following the panel is our ‘Share a meal, share a story’ event, from 12.30pm. That’s a collaboration with RACE which brings this Refugee Week initiative to the Eurobodalla: It’s about people coming together to share food and share conversation. For example, what do you think is the difference between an asylum seeker, refugee, or illegal immigrant? What role can do you think art play in raising awareness about asylum seekers?”

LIMBOLAND opens at the Bas from 6-8pm on Friday 14 June. The public program runs on Saturday 15 June and includes a panel discussion form 11am and ‘Share a meal, share a story’ at 12.30pm. The exhibition runs from Saturday 15 June to Sunday 7 July. The Basil Sellers Exhibition Centre is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-4pm.

For more information visit the Basil Sellers Exhibition Centre website or contact Council’s arts coordinator Indi Carmichael on 4474 1061.