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Indian Myna nests in Council’s sights

Tuesday 27 November 2018

More than nine years of persistence and community collaboration has resulted in a growing number of areas across Eurobodalla Shire now free of Indian Mynas.

Eurobodalla Council initiated the shire-wide control program to limit the population of these destructive birds in 2009 by offering residents volunteer-made traps to humanely catch Indian Mynas for the purpose of euthanasia.

Council’s Natural Resources Supervisor Courtney Fink-Downes said the community’s enthusiasm had been inspiring.

“We have had community members passionately reporting sightings and trapping the pest bird, which is the reason the program has been so successful,” she said.

“One of the ongoing challenges has been to stop the breeding cycle by removing nests and blocking access to potential nesting sites to prevent future breeding.

“They generally nest in the eaves or roof cavities of buildings. We would encourage residents to report any nesting activity so as we can work with the property owner to stop the breeding cycle.”

Council continues to support this vital environmental program, as Indian Mynas are listed among the world’s 100 most invasive species.

The species is extremely aggressive and poses an immense threat to biodiversity by outcompeting native animals for resources and nesting space in tree hollows.

To report a sighting or nesting activity, please contact Council’s Natural Resource Supervisor Courtney Fink-Downes on 4474 1000.