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Moruya wharf sign to be replaced

Thursday 29 November 2018

Eurobodalla Council will replace a ‘no swimming’ sign that has created confusion at Moruya wharf.

A spokesperson for Council explained the sign was put up in response to concerns raised by recreational boaters about kids swimming near the boat ramp adjacent to the wharf.

“The sign has been removed by persons unknown, and Council will install a new one asking people to avoid swimming in the boat ramp area when boats are coming in and out.”

“We know people love swimming in the river and we’re not trying to stop that at all. Swimmers can still swim around the wharf as they always have, but we’re asking them to avoid the boat ramp so the ramp can be safely shared by all users.

“We also ask parents to keep an eye on their children in the area and make sure they’re swimming well away from the boat ramp.

The spokesperson said social media attacks blaming the local dragon boat club are misdirected.

“Attacking the dragon boat club is absolutely unacceptable. The signage request was made by recreational boaters and we’re talking to those involved to make sure they know the facts.”

A new sign will be installed shortly, along with a ladder on the western end of the wharf to allow swimmers to get out of the water quickly and easily when boats are around.