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Revised draft plan of management for Mackay Park

Wednesday 27 March 2019

A revised draft Plan of Management for the Mackay Park precinct in Batemans Bay has been placed on public exhibition.

Required under the NSW Local Government Act 1993, the document outlines how Mackay Park can be used, developed and managed, how leases and licences or other interests are granted, and the scale and intensity of development permitted on the site.

The draft plan was placed on public exhibition for community feedback in December and January and is again on exhibition to ensure legislative compliance. Changes to the original draft include new mapping and actions identifying the land that the plan applies to, new actions regarding energy and water efficiency in all developments, revised actions on cooperative work between Council and NSW Department of Industry – Crown Lands, and additional information detailing Council’s approach to community engagement and the results of public consultation.

Both the original and revised Mackay Park draft POMs propose a category change from ‘park’ to ‘general community use’. The category change supports Mackay Park’s existing and proposed primary uses for a range of public recreation purposes and events, visitor information services and the Regional Aquatic, Arts and Leisure Centre.

The Mackay Park draft Plan of Management will be on public exhibition from Wednesday 27 March until Wednesday 24 April here and available in hard copy at Council libraries, depots and the customer service centre in Moruya.