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Universal connection a repeat star at the Bas

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Energy matters to Jennifer Hawkins.

The Narooma installation artist delves into issues around over-population and mass extinction in the latest exhibition at Basil Sellers Exhibition Centre.

Eurobodalla Council’s arts coordinator Indi Carmichael said We are Made of Star Stuff explored cycles of connection, with work made from thousands of hand-crafted items.

“We’re thrilled to be able to present a show where the concept and the execution come together so beautifully,” Ms Carmichael said.

“Jennifer has a passion for repetition, which she uses as a powerful conduit to meaning.

“First she develops a symbol to capture an idea, then she places that symbol to suggest a broader meaning.”

Ms Carmichael said the 2006 Basil Sellers Art Prize win gave Jennifer the confidence to explore deeper themes.

“Jennifer makes work that’s meaningful to her, the ‘weird stuff’ she calls it,” Ms Carmichael said.

“The premise is energy and matter are two forms of the same thing and make up the raw material of the universe. We are Made of Star Stuff explores our raw connection – to each other, the earth and the universe.”

Ms Carmichael said the exhibition was certain to spark conversation and get people thinking about our impact on the planet when it opened at the Bas from 6pm on Thursday 18 April.

We are Made of Star Stuff runs from Saturday 20 April – Sunday 12 May. For more information and opening hours visit the Bas website or contact Indi Carmichael on 4474 1061.