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Planning your event

The Eurobodalla Events team are here to help! From venue selection, assistance with event bids and promoting your event, we are here to support you in making your event the best it can be! The Events Team also offers information and advice on running your event as well as details on:

  • Event Management
  • Development Application processes
  • Food Safety Standards
  • Venues, Parks and Facilities
  • Insurance and Risk Management

We have lots of tools, tips and tricks on our website that will assist you in all aspects of your event planning. Simply navigate through our site and you're sure to find what you're looking for!

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us to let us know!

Tell us about your event

Before you begin filling in any formal event application forms, please tell us about your event by contacting us or filling in this form and returning it to us. We can then determine what the next steps are, what approvals you need and how we can help.

The approval process

How complex your event is, the number of permits needed and agencies involved will decide how long this process takes. When we receive your completed Event Management Plan, we will circulate it to relevant Council officers for feedback. If you have supplied all relevant information this process generally takes about 4-6 weeks. Events requiring road closures will need more time and can take up to 4 months.

When we've processed your application, we will tell you the outcome. If it's approved, we will issue an event licence.

Event funding

Events may be eligible for event funding through our Event Assistance Program if they have the potential for:

  • A major impact on the local economy
  • Bringing a large number of visitors from outside the shire.

Event Promotion

A well as getting a lot of people to your event,  great promotion will increase awareness and make a lasting impression. We can give you advice on media releases, building databases, advertising and local publications that can help you with promotion.

Event application and guidelines

The best way to give us the details we need about your event is in an Event Management Plan. We have prepared a template with guidelines to get you started.

More Information

Please contact:

Tourism Events Coordinator: