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Tenders and EOI

Eurobodalla Council advertises Requests for Tenders (RFTs) and some Expressions of Interest (EOIs) electronically in the Tenderlink e-tendering portal.

We ensure that all policies, procedures and practices related to tendering, contracting and purchasing are consistent with best practice and the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Our business dealings will be transparent and open to public scrutiny wherever possible.

Current expressions of interest (EOI)

Current tenders

Using tenderlink

Tenderlink provides an efficient tendering cycle, has a full audit trail and reduces the time and costs for Eurobodalla Council and our suppliers. We believe our processes ensure that no person or business is disadvantaged in their access to opportunities to work with Eurobodalla Shire Council.

Benefits to suppliers include:

  • free to use: there are no costs to tenderlink users, you can receive and respond to tenderlink notifications from Eurobodalla Council at no cost.
  • convenience: download documents instantly online.
  • cost savings: responses are uploaded in electronic tender boxes - removing printing and delivery costs.

Register on tenderlink

Registering on tenderlink can be completed entirely online and only takes a few minutes.

  1. Use this link will direct you to the tenderlink portal.
  2. Select the registration tab and enter your email address to create your unique supplier profile. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation of your registration.

If you need assistance registering and customising your profile, contact the Tenderlink Help Desk on 1800 233 533.


A requirement of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (Section 3, division 5) is that Council maintain a register of government contracts valued at $150,000 or more.

Class 1 Contracts

A contract which the agency is a party that has (or is likely to have) a value of $150,000 or more.

Class 2 Contracts

Additional information is required to be entered in the government contracts register for class 1 contracts to which any of the following applies:

  • when a there has not been a tender process,
  • the proposed contract has been the subject of a tendering process and the terms and conditions of the contract have been substantially negotiated with the successful tenderer,
  • the obligations of one or more parties under the contract to maintain or operate infrastructure or assets for 10 or more years,
  • the contract involves a privately financed project as defined by guidelines published by the Treasury,
  • the contract involves transfer of a significant agency concerned to another party to the contract in exchange for the transfer of an asset to the agency.

Class 3 Contracts

If a class 2 contract has (or is likely to have) a value of $5 million or more.