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Managing Community Land

Part of our role in local government is to manage land set aside for community use. This is the land that makes up our recreation and open space network.

We develop plans for how specific parcels of land can be used and how Council will manage the land. Community input is vital to success in the development or review of these plans.

Recreation and open space planning projects

Use the table below to check the status and learn more about current recreation and open space planning projects or view adopted plans.

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Moruya Golf Course and Showground Reserve

Moruya Showground, Moruya Golf Course (Crown land parcels)

Public exhibition Starts 24 June 2020. Read frequently asked questions for more information.    

Narooma Community, Sport and Recreation Precinct

Bill Smyth Oval, Narooma Sport and Leisure Centre, Narooma Swimming Centre, Narooma Foreshore Reserve, Ken Rose Park

Under development

Hanging Rock, Corrigans Beach and Observation Point Crown Reserves

  • Hanging Rock sporting fields and amenities, Batemans Bay Sailing Club and Remote Control Car Club
  • Corrigans Beach Reserve
  • Observation Point, Batehaven
Under development

Developed Reserves and Facilities


Under development

Natural Areas and Undeveloped Reserves


Coming up

Moruya Riverside Reserve

Moruya Riverside Park, Ryans Creek Reserve, Moruya War Memorial Swimming Pool, Russ Martin Park in Moruya.

Coming up

About our planning processes

A key part of our planning processes involve developing plans of management and landscape masterplans.  These record how Council is meeting its responsibility for managing and improving community land. We seek input throughout the process to ensure the plans satisfy legal requirements as well as meeting community and user needs .

Plans of management

A plan of management outlines how Council-owned community land is used, managed and improved. Plans of management are a requirement of the Local Government Act 1993. They can apply to specific parcels of land or to generic types of land, for example, sportsgrounds.

We are also working to ensure we have plans of management in place for Crown reserves across Eurobodalla. This requirement under the Crown Land Management Act 2016 came into force on 1 July 2018.

Landscape Masterplans

Landscape Masterplans are schematic diagrams that present all the infrastructure and landscape elements for specific open spaces or parcels of community land. They also provide a long-range guide for development that balances the needs of user groups, the community and Council.

Landscape Masterplans are valuable tools for prioritising improvements and upgrades and can support applications for grant funding.

Supporting strategies and policies

Recreation and Open Space Strategy

The Recreation and Open Space Strategy 2018 (ROSS) is Council’s 10 year strategy to ensure facilities and open spaces are well managed and meet a community needs.

The ROSS sets out 85 priority actions grouped into high, medium and low priorities. High priority actions include developing masterplans for all major sporting precincts.

Companion Animal Management Plan

Council's Companion Animal Management Plan and the Companion Animals Act 1998 guides pet owners in the use of parks and open spaces.

Tree Risk Management Code of Practice

This Code of Practice and the related policy guide Council’s management of trees on public land. These aim to balance risks to community safety and infrastructure with the social, environmental, economic and cultural wellbeing of trees in the landscape.