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Organisation Service Review

In local government, a common objective is to ensure 'value for money' for ratepayers. Reviews help to identify the mix of services and funding arrangements that best meet the community's needs. Service reviews are often undertaken progressively throughout an organisation in a systematic manner, in accordance with identified priorities.

Council currently provides 24 broad high-level services and more than 240 service streams or functions to the community. The details of each of these high-level services and service streams are contained in the 2013-2017 Delivery Program and are provided to meet legislative requirements, community need or a market opportunity.

Organisation Service Review reports

Council at its Ordinary meeting on 27 August 2013 considered a report on a whole of Council Organisation Service Review

12 months on from the commencement of the review, Council at its Ordinary meeting on 22 July 2014 revised the priority list to focus on those services that are experiencing a higher demand from the community (such as development, compliance and recreational facilities) as well as those which need to comply with an increased legislative requirement (such as asset management).

Progress reports will be presented to Council and available on this page. 

For more information

If you have any queries or questions in relation to the Organisation Service Review please contact: 

Amber Pollard - Project Officer Organisation Service Review - Phone: 4474 7483