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Tourism Wayfinding and Signage Strategy

Wayfinding is how people find their way around a place. Cues that help people find their way include clear and concise information signs, and elements such as landmarks and public art.

The Tourism Wayfinding and Signage Strategy Project aims to improve how visitors are guided through Eurobodalla to find the diverse experiences, attractions and services that we offer.

Effective tourism signage creates visitor–friendly destinations and supports the tourism brand and marketing. It is one method visitors can use to learn about a destination and find their way around that also includes websites, printed materials and visitor information centres. Improving wayfinding and signage is expected to have flow on economic benefits through increased tourism as our visitors discover more reasons to stay longer.

This project aligns with Strategy 10.8 of the Eurobodalla Destination Management Plan; ‘Prepare a whole of destination integrated signage strategy that: establishes distinctive and innovative signage and visitor information displays at key tourism attractions; key transport hubs & gateway locations; supports visitors; and promotes diversity of experiences within the destination’.

Council engaged consultants with experience in tourism signage to help prepare a tourism wayfinding and signage. The Strategy provides a framework for Council to make decisions on the location and style of future tourism signage to enhance wayfinding in Eurobodalla. It includes principles and guidelines to help choose the right signage for particular circumstances, for locating signs and for further development of signage policies and processes to implement the Strategy.

Wayfinding and Tourism Signage Strategy (3 MB)