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A local council is responsible for providing local services and facilities, and your elected councillors represent you at a local or regional level.

Eurobodalla council is responsible for environmental health, leisure and recreation facilities, libraries, local planning, local transport, parks and public places, regulation of local business, roads and footpaths, water, waste and recycling and other matters and services.

Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. You can attend, make a presentation during the public forum, and stream the meetings online.

We update our policies every four years, within six months of each local government election. We regularly publish financial information about our budget, provide grants for community groups, and adhere to a control and compliance framework to safeguard public funds and assets.

Community members can access Council information by making an application under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

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Forms and checklists to apply for items or submit requests to Council. Any information collected is protected under Council, State and Federal privacy laws.

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Council meetings

Eurobodalla Council meeting schedule, agendas, and announcements.

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The Council is a body of nine members who are elected for a four year term to carry out duties under the provisions of the Local Government Act and Regulations.

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Council policies

Council policies and codes of conduct, along with many other internal and external documents, set the framework within which Council fulfils its service and regulatory responsibilities under relevant statutes.

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Council is the custodian of significant public funds and assets, and it is important that the community has assurance that these public funds and assets are adequately protected from fraud and corruption.

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Council offers grant programs providing financial assistance for a range of purposes to support the community.

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Financial information

Council’s annual financial statements, fees and charges are available for scrutiny by any person to ensure integrity, hontesty and transperancy

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Organisation structure

Eurobodalla Council has a General Manager, an executive team, and divisional managers who ensure Council performs to the community's expectations.

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Local Government elections in New South Wales are normally held every 4 years. Local Government is an elected system of government directly accountable to the local community.

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History of Eurobodalla Council

In 1889, with 1236 people, Moruya had the population to apply for Municipal status as a semi-urban council. Over the years Council has expanded to preside over the Eurobodalla region.

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Public access to information

To promote open, accountable, fair and effective government in NSW, members of the public have a right to access government information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).