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Brett Norton - 12 February 2019

Brett Norton addressed council regarding Reclassification of 35-37 Illabunda Dr, Malua Bay (Pretty Point Bay Reserve) at the Ordinary Council Meeting 12 February 2019.

Introduction – Brett Norton

Representative of the Friends of Pretty Point Bay – Committee here today

Reason we are here to register in the strongest possible terms our objection to the proposed rezoning/reclassification of 35 -37 Illabunda Drive in Malua Bay – Pretty Point Bay

You would already have received a detailed submission from the committee but I would like to re-cover some of this information.

To be able to better understand our objection to this proposal for reclassification I think it necessary to SEE first hand the location. A special thanks to Councillors Mayne, Constable and McGinley for making time to visit on Sunday. Mayor sent apologies – thank you, and I understand the Mayor viewed the area thru the week – again thank you

HANDOUT photos and maps

So why is this reserve so special?

As you can see from the photos it is a very special area

Beach access / Dog Beach / Diving Beach / Kyaking / Fishing / picnicking etc

  1. residents of PPB and that more than doubles during the holiday period

Quote from the ROSS Report Page 2 iii. In Appendix 1 …….

  1. In Appendix 1 of the ROSS Report, Council describes local recreation parks as
    • ‘intended to offer residents a complimentary open space to their backyards and the beaches’
    • ‘likely to attract users from a small catchment area (about 400m radius)
    • ‘generally, cater for short visits by individuals or small groups’
  2. In its own Executive Summary within the ROSS Report, Council lists one of its three strategic pillars as being to ‘protect open space of high value for use by the community (and to protect) access to and scenic values of the ocean, foreshores and rural areas.’
  3. The Executive Summary further states that ‘Open space is fundamental to people being able to participate in recreation and sporting activities. It also creates desirable neighbourhoods that lead to healthy and attractive places to live and visit’.

Touch on History of Pretty Point Bay Reserve –

  1. council reviewed the area and the community spoke out against
  2. a letter from Council reaffirms this is community land ALWAYS WILL BE
  3. phone call to Council – confirmed above

ROSS report is a good report and we understand the necessity for council to review open spaces in the local shire BUT …. This area has been tried and tested already. The Community has spoken loud and long, many times – We should not be having this conversation AGAIN

Once lost to development this area will never be reclaimed. We have a responsibility, ie Council and the Community have a responsibility to future generation to keep this small greenspace area available and accessible

We have an aging population – ROSS tells me by 2030 over 60% of us will be over 50

Population is ever increasing and the ROSS report also states that both McKenzie’s Beach area and that of Malua Bay Park cannot handle the influx of tourists in the holiday season – so where are people expected to go?

Ladies & gents we have had multiple meetings in the park and we’ve had a significant turn out. We have petitions signed from residents of well over 100 locals who with few exceptions all walked to the Reserve. It has certainly brought our community together and expect the Street Party at Xmas will be significantly larger this year as a result.

One must ask the question …

Given the stated objectives of the ROSS report, what was the driving force behind councils recommendation to once again put forward a proposal for the reclassification of this area?

And now that council is armed with more information on the area and with the benefit of hindsight do you appreciate why this is such a sensitive issue for the locals and can we agree that we should shut this down now and not upset and frustrate our local community?

Ladies and gents it’s the RIGHT thing to stop this proposal from going any further and I ask that you respect the wishes of the community.

Thank you