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Deirdre Rogers - 12 March 2019

Deidre Rodgers addressed council regarding Narooma Cemetery at the Ordinary Council Meeting 12 March 2019.

Council's reply

We appreciate your dedication to the ongoing care of the Narooma cemetery, and in particular the inurnment wall gardens, and recognise this is a special place for you and your family. Thank you too for providing us with your photographs.

We note that there were a number of improvement works undertaken at the cemetery that you were unaware of prior to coming to Council including:

  • gravel and sealing of the main car park
  • gravel and sealing of the small car park near the inurnment walls
  • planned provision within the 2019-20 budget to complete the concrete work and add a seat near the inurnment walls so people can sit awhile with their loved ones.

These works improve the amenity of the site for visitors who spend time here reflecting on, and commemorating, the lives of those who have left us.

Thank you also for making the time to meet on-site with Council’s Division Manager Works, on Tuesday 25 March 2019 to discuss works at the cemetery. We are pleased to confirm that Council staff will also undertake works to remove vegetation, litter and the
existing ageing fence adjacent to the inurnment walls so that this area can be mown on a regular basis. This work will take place as cemetery improvement funds are available, early in the new financial year.

We recognise that our cemeteries are places of significance for our community as they provide a remaining connection to those who have left us, and as such deserve special care within the funds available to us.