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Presenter - 28 May 2019

A presenter addressed council regarding noise pollution at the Ordinary Council Meeting 28 May 2019.

The presenter requested that their presentation be removed from Council's website. Council has a record of the presentation.

Council's reply

Council takes the issue of nuisance barking seriously and all complaints received are dealt with in a consistent manner. Following receipt of your concern, Council sought further information from you via the completion of a barking dog diary which logged when, and for how long, the dog(s) were barking. Based on the information you provided, Council’s Rangers monitored the site in question and held discussions with surrounding neighbours. This led Council to carrying out non-regulatory actions and negotiating with the persons responsible for the noise; they gave an undertaking that they would attempt to mitigate the noise.

As you have noted, Council does have authority under both the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and the Companion Animals Act 1998 to deal with barking dog complaints. In each individual case, Council will use discretion as to whether,
and at what stage, formal regulatory action is commenced and operates in accordance with the legislative provisions and Council’s Compliance Policy.

Barking dogs, one of the most common complaints received by Council, can often be difficult and time consuming to resolve for a number of reasons including different community perceptions of what constitutes nuisance barking, differing views of the parties
involved, difficulty obtaining collaborative evidence to support nuisance barking complaints, and the ability to gather the appropriate standard of evidence in a timely manner and to an acceptable standard, should the matter proceed to court.

I am aware that Council’s Acting Divisional Manager of Environmental Services, has met with you on site to further discuss your concerns.

Council will continue to monitor the area and work cooperatively with the dog owners in an attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution. I understand that this has been a lengthy process and appreciate that this may be frustrating for you but I assure you, that Council
has and does take your complaint seriously and is endeavouring to resolve the matter.