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Trish Hellier - 11 June 2019

Trish Hellier addressed council regarding the Cemetery at the peak at the Ordinary Council Meeting 11 June 2019.

Council's reply

I refer to your submission to Council on 11 June 2019 regarding your belief that there had historically been a cemetery on land overlooking Albert Ryan Park, Batemans Bay and the newspaper article you included in that submission.

The matter was discussed at a subsequent meeting of Council’s Heritage Advisory Committee and the advice of Council’s Heritage Advisor was heard at that meeting.

The committee passed a resolution recommending that interpretive signage be placed on the Crown land at the entrance of that land from High Street commemorating the site of the former cemetery.

In order to do that, and if funding becomes available such as through grants or private donation, can you please proved the sources and references of the information you provided in your submission so that the wording of the interpretive signage can be
developed with confidence. A legible copy of the Canberra Times article would also be appreciated.

Regarding the position that the stairs are still on private property, the new works have been constructed so that the end product is entirely on Council managed land. Council surveyors have also confirmed that the works are entirely on Council managed land.