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Patricia Hellier - 8 July 2014

Patricia Hellier made the following comments in Non Agenda Public forum at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 8 July 2014.

Good afternoon – Mayor Brown, Councillors and ladies and gentleman in the gallery.

My name is Patricia Hellier from North Batemans Bay. I am here as a very concerned rate payer – I would like to make it clear I am not a member of the ERA and I have to be honest I have at stages been one of their critics. I do however support them on their upcoming motion.

I have come here today after attending the meeting last Tuesday when Councillor Pollock asked everyone to come back and have our say. Well apparently we cannot say what we would really want to say so I will try and remain within the requested realm.

Why should the rate payers of the Eurobodalla have to accept anything that is being described as "lousy". We should have only the "best". There has to be other alternatives – other options – all Councillors of the Eurobodalla shire have a duty to act in the best interest of all rate payers of the Eurobodalla. Councillor Pollock stated he has been working for the last 2 years with the Deputy Premier putting all details before him! The fact is the last two Deputy Premiers have been ladies – Jillian Skinner from 2007 – 2014 and currently Glady's Berejiklian – and if this "lousy" document is all that has been achieved in that time it's not enough. We rate payers deserve "better".

When the LEP was passed in December 2011 the words that were being echoed from this Council Chambers were "we have nothing else to choose from" – 1389 submissions were received prior to the meeting. The day of the meeting the gallery was packed which also overflowed into the outer area with huge amount of concerned rate payers. It was quite obvious everyone's concerns were ignored and we know now there were other choices – other Councils have adopted LEP's that have not had the problems we have. Now I believe we are about to be 'sold out yet again'.

While I have to be honest and I profess that I don't fully understand this current situation – but how many people in this gallery can honestly say that they fully understand it. I believe that the full ramifications of this situation will not come to ferwishion for many years should it get adopted.

I am speaking from my heart when I say who are you Mayor Brown, Councillors Pollock, Thomson and Brice to play 'god with peoples properties, their current rights, and the long term effect that it is going to place on rate payers lives.

I sincerely ask that these Councillors think very seriously about this situation – as with every action there is a reaction – and even though I would not like to see an amalgamation between Bega and the Eurobodalla if it means that we would live without these continual changes to our properties and out rights than so be it.

Thank you for this time.

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