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Roger Simpson - 10 November 2015

Roger Simpson made the following comments in the Public Access Session at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 10 November 2015.

Agenda Items for Possible Presentation to ESC Meeting 10/11/2015

Community Health Promotion

(1) The Formal Preparation of an ESC (self help) Health Promotion Strategy for 2016.

(2) The Uniting of ALL Health Professions and Disciplines within the Shire.

(3) The construction of an E-HEALTH Database for Community ‘Lifestyle Monitoring’.

(4) To progress a National HEALTH Promotion Strategy for Indigenous Peoples.

(5) To progress a National Healthcare Strategy for further research and implementation.

(6) Any other as advised by ESC and Health professionals


(7) Although currently based in Moruya NSW, the Director will return to Canberra ACT in 2016 to continue further research and studies, primarily for rigorous scrutiny of the submitted data by health professionals.

(8) There will be continual follow up with other state and overseas authorities.

(9) Advice and comment is always welcome especially from participants in any events.

Council reply

Council provides some community development and general wellbeing programs in association with some of our facilities. For example, exercise classes at the swimming pools, promotion of sports activities, healthy eating on a budget classes (when we can get a grant).
We also try to work with Community Health to promote programs (eg. Tai Chi for Arthritis).
While Council can assist Health providers/health promotion activities, it is generally not our role to undertake health promotion programs. That is done by Community Health (state government), with us assisting if/when we can.

Council is not in a position to take up your offer of a health promotion Strategy in 2016. We do not have the resources to support this activity.

I would suggest you contact NSW Health, particularly the Health Promotions team. They are funded to provide such services in our community and your program may fit with their strategy.