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Norman Moore - 25 October 2016

Norman Moore made the following comments in the Public Access Session at the Ordinary Council Meeting 25 October 2016.

Dr Dale, The Mayoress and ESC Councillors.

The 2016 projected age for human survival has been assessed at 83 years - the full time whistle sounded for me 4 years back so now I'm in extra time - I intend to kick a few goals for my team --the forgotten members of this community. Now!! Please take heed - this is going to be rough -but some here have brought it on themselves!

I am astounded that candidates for the recent ESC Elections promised the world of what they intended to do about Tourism - in truth - none had an idea, an answer, nor the slightest idea which way to turn.

We had "the theologians "and the "Gunna Dooers” by the score and it begs the question - "where are the practitioners”

Three candidates faithfully promised- twice over- to look at a project put forward by the "Dooers” - our local tradies, members of the community & business interests at large -each broke those promises but at the same time two candidates used the support and good offices of two well know members of the Moruya community to gain favour with the voters. It was one of the bad jokes of the election. The most pitiful side is that - "these two well known locals” - donated priceless artefacts or work- in- kind to the project. - one such item -a family heirloom donated by Mr Tubby Harrison reflects on how the family name of late American President General Dwight Eizenhower was derived from his great, great, grandfather's work as an ironchiseller or ironhewer.

An 1870 American forge blower - donated by a former Tamworth Rotarian President - is of similar intrinsic value.

A hand crafted Vulcan style coal burning blacksmith forge that is intrinsically linked to the naming of Moruya's main Street has been constructed in conjunction with myself -and with help and advice from several others. It is beyond pricing. Other complimentary works such as a mural drawn by Tony Sands of Able seaman Alan Gee the great grandson of Blacksmith Gee -Alan was a ship's bugler and survivor of the sinking or HMAS Perth WW2, and is depicted as The Blind Barber of the Burma Railway. It now has copper embellishment and a polished granite ledge base donated by Moruya stonemason, Steve Hazleton. A suggestion was made to put this in the god forsaken quarry park along with the filthiest of public toilets?

57 trade workers and others have made varying contributions to the works that largely unfolds the story of how Moruya & district entered into the history of the NSW South Coast during the Era of Convict Transportation. A sound system will enable visitors to listen in to excerpts of history and be directed to other points of interest --that includes shire wide attractions!

The idea and partial concept for this - probably covering about ten percent of the project - was put to an ill-informed and unprofessional group called ESC Public Art Advisory Committee, 2012-13 -and whose leader accused me of "going ahead without her permission!

When shown a -25 % concept statuette - the administrator admitted to not knowing what a blacksmith was -did not know how this town's main street was named -wasn't interested in history or heritage -wanted to know where the art was? did not know that heritage "is" the foundation of art!

There were several weeks of failures to gather enough PAAC committee members to form a quorum - but a last minute warning from a friend in Council informed the matter was to be put to the council within 24 hrs- too late for me appeal.

However, in a scandalous revelation -I received a letter from ESC manager Dr. Dale that a full meeting of the PAAC was held one week before the ESC Meeting and that the Administrator had acted on my behalf - I haven't as yet decided on whether or not to act on the legalities of this. The project was put down barely in it's infancy. Odd that when entered in the 2016 Eurobodalla show under art & heritage - it won First Prize, Stewards Choice and Championship I But then it had still only reached 90% finish.

Here's the point that you should all note: This is a community orientated project based on heritage and absolute fact. It is your heritage as it is mine & others. This is what tourists look for in a town.

900 members of this community have not only signed a petition to this effect - but some have indicated they want a ceramic tiled walkway edged along Russ Martin Park - displaying the entire history & heritage of the Shire of Eurobodalla. This would draw in the whole of our community- something that is sadly lacking & noticed by HG Gibney in his book- Eurobodalla.

I intend that this heritage based project be put on an official ESC agenda in the near future and call on the Mayoress to honour a request by Andrew Constance to hold a meeting with me on this subject. You have an agenda for that meeting in your office.

The memorial module will be on display at Moruya markets this Saturday- Moruya Public school teachers and students will be there, as will professor Brad Pillans. I hope you all see fit to pay your respects to someone else seeking to promote this town & it's unique heritage. Most importantly - put your hands on the thing and then say you've seen it 11

Meantime may I suggest - if you want to win the respect of this community - you stop the 'self idolisation' - roll up your sleeves, get some sweat on your brow, & grow a few callouses on your hands and help do something about this town's history & heritage, for the sake of tourism, and employment.

Norm Moore. October, 2016.

Council's reply

As advised by the Mayor, Councillor Liz Innes at that meeting, Council would like to extend an invitation to you to present your project proposal to Council's Public Art, and Heritage Advisory committees.

Due to the recent Council election, new councillors have been appointed to Chair its committees. The new chair for the Public Art Advisory Committee is Councillor Lindsay Brown.  The new Chair for the Heritage Advisory Committee is Councillor Maureen Nathan. Council's Public Art Advisory Committee operates in line with the Council term.

The current Public Art Advisory Committee, in place for the previous Council term, is winding up. Advertising for new members will occur in February 2017.  Rather than wait until this process has been finalised in March-April next year, we propose a meeting between yourself and the Chair of both the Public Art and Heritage Advisory committees in the next few weeks. This would provide an opportunity for you to speak directly with the relevant councillors as soon as possible, with a follow up meeting with the associated Advisory Committees early in 2017, if required.