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Peter Bernard - 11 October 2016

Peter Bernard made the following comments in the Public Access Session at the Ordinary Council Meeting 11 October 2016.

It may be recalled that I requested, after the not so recent dramatic storm, that the GM Prepare a" State of the Nation "report.

Would the Chief Engineer give a brief progress report on the following:

1.0 Restoration works to rectify significant damage to Surf Beach at Narooma with particular emphasis on the obvious safety aspects.

2. 0 Progress report on timescale of completion of significant rectification works along Centenary Drive at Narooma. Are there any significant sewerage and health concerns. Time scale completion.

3.0 Is the prolonged closure of commercial properties due to recent "improvements"' of roads contributed to flooding of some commercial premises along sections of Riverside Drive.

4.0 Would the planning department report on rectification works required after dying of many trees from toilet area at Dalmeny to the Deep hole opposite Tatiara Street Dalmeny. Now that an area of Lake Bank in this area has been stabilized similar works will be required along bank to the bridge. From memory 500,000 dollars was allocated as a sweetener for rate rise by "head teller" around Mummaga Lake.

5.0 Would chief engineer communicate with appropriate authorities wrt Sea Wall timescale for stabilization of break walls at Narooma Entrance.

7.0 Would the Chief Engineer have urgent discussion with the NSW Maritime and Service Department or whoever is responsible for carrying out feasibility studies on the proposed new Bridge at Batemans Bay. I may add that I have had a rather long discussion with a representative are aware after these discussion that you are on the "Ball" with regards this proposal. It is becoming very critical and the future of Batemans Commercial area and local residents including the recent hastily acquired Batemans Bowling Club which future is are stake.

8.0 Not forgetting the Narooma Bridge Madam General Manager. I wish to advise you that I have been discussing Federal Government Coo "dobbed "you in with a request him to meet you and others on site at Narooma Bridge for Federal assistance. As an old soldier he will realize the battle people face attempting to "cross a bridge too far". The latest incident occurred with a heavy vehicle attempting to the oldest bridge (1931) on the south coast. If your secretary will advise me of your contact details I will send you the latest with what is becoming a very difficult request. Mr Kelly, in his last term in office secured over $100 million for local roads projects, including $60 for the Bega By -pass.

Council's Reply

In response to the items of concern that you raised, I can advise the following:

  1. Surf Beach at Narooma will be reviewed by the Works division before the end of October to determine any further actions required. There are currently no additional restoration works scheduled for this area.
  2. The remaining section of Centenary Drive will not reopen until November. Please refer to our media release for further information: are no risks with regard to the sewer works beyond normal risks associated with these works.
  3. Flooding of commercial premises in Riverside Drive has not previously been brought to our attention, however, any concerned residents should contact Council directly and individual matters will be discussed with those residents.
  4. The trees near the toilet area at Dalmeny have been inspected by our Parks Supervisor and found to be suffering from dieback.  This is unfortunately a natural occurrence, but poses no immediate risk to the public. Further stabilization works for this area are not currently proposed.
  5. An enquiry as to timing for the Narooma Rock wall works has been logged with NSW Crown Lands Coastal Management unit, who are responsible for this project. We’ll update you once a response is provided.
  6. No question 6
  7. We are in regular conversation with NSW Roads and Maritime Services with regard to Batemans Bay Bridge and will update the community with any new information as and when it becomes available.
  8. Discussions with regard to the Narooma Bridge continue with NSW Roads and Maritime Services.I would be happy to attend an on-site meeting with the Hon. Andrew Constance MP, Member for Bega, regarding the Narooma Bridge.  Please contact Kylie Green on 4474 1005 should you wish to arrange this meeting.