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Peter Bernard - 9 August 2016

Peter Bernard made the following comments in the Public Access Session at the Ordinary Council Meeting 9 August 2016.

Non Agenda Items.

Proposed Helipad at Narooma.

  1. Would you please advise the latest information with respect to approval by the various statutory Authorities?
  2. Whether there has  been any preliminary design work carried out by council Engineer and if so are these insurmountable
  3. I am a little worried that the  Government Grant of moneys , precipitated by the Member and Minister  toward its construction may be in jeopardy ‘
  4. Would the Chief Engineer discuss the matter with the speaker as recent rescue events with the use of Helicopters from other areas has highlighted the need for an all weather site close to the coast at Narooma.
  5. Madam General Manager.  As much of the areas surrounds the retirement village at Dalmeny is in council hands what logistical assistance was given to the rescue Authorities over the Weekend. Has the council carried out its own search of the many hundreds of acres of its land surrounding the Retirement Village? I personally have walked through much of the area for years and during the weekend.
  6. Whist the above is very dense and much of the rubbish has been removed considered quantities still Remain.

Example. Double bed and single bed mattresses, remains of Vehicles. IF any one is interested in retiring quantizes of electronic equipment, toys, Reclining Sophia’s, Arm chairs and various other implements.

Madam General Manager

Avenue of Remembrance.

Further to the meeting with the Member of Bega, Andrew Constance. Yourself and the undersigned when will you be available to meet with the undersigned and representatives of Narooma RSL. Concerning the Anzac Memorial Remembrance drive Between Narooma and Kianga. As mentioned by the member of Bega at the meeting for the end of the First World War is not too far away.

Would you be prepared to meet me on site and some other citizens from Dalmeny and Narooma and several over 90 years of age? I would suggest some maintenance be carried out prior to this on site meeting and that you wear Hiking equipment. I respectively request that the Council refrain from destruction of any more trees in that area as well as in the area all Blue Water Drive at Narooma. There has been further destruction of Trees donated and Planted by the CWA in the 1930’s and respectively request that no more be removed.  I would hope that this will be within the next month as I have waited to meet with you on other matters on neutral grounds for over * months. If this had been done then some matters may have not progressed to the stage that they are the present.

Council's Reply

ANZAC Memorial Avenue of Remembrance

Thank you for the invitation to meet with yourself and members of the Narooma RSL to discuss potential works on an ANZAC Memorial Drive from Dalmeny to Kianga. We await your advice regarding an onsite meeting.

Proposed Helipad at Narooma

The Hon Andrew Constance MP, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, and Member for Bega, has indicated a $5000 grant would be provided for the construction of a helipad in Narooma. Council made representations on behalf of the Narooma community to NSW Health and NSW Ambulance. These agencies have responsibility for helipads used for medical emergencies.

The agencies have indicated that the provision of a helipad at Narooma is currently a low priority.

In the meantime, helicopters are able to land in emergency situations subject to them assessing the risk applicable to the site.

We will again write to them on behalf of the community seeking action to implement the grant made available.

Council assistance regarding the missing persons search at Dalmeny

NSW Police have the lead role in coordinating searches such as the one recently conducted in Dalmeny. NSW Police did contact Council as a courtesy to advise us they wish to utilise part of Council's reserves for emergency landing and related search activities. We of course concurred.

NSW Police may utilise the expertise of other agencies such as the SES to assist with such searches.

Council does not have an identified role in search and rescue.

Illegal dumping in bushland surrounding the IRT retirement home, Dalmeny

We have notified our Rangers of this issue. A staff member will be in touch to arrange an onsite meeting with you to inspect the area, identify where the rubbish is, and arrange for it to be removed.

Council takes illegal dumping very seriously. Rangers regularly patrol Council land, Crown land, State Forest and National Parks, and also respond to reports of dumping on private property. Residents are encouraged to report illegal dumping by phoning Council on 4474 1000 or the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) on 131 555.