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Kathryn Maxwell - 13 June 2017

Kathryn Maxwell made the below comments at the Ordinary Council Meeting 13 June 2017.

Who are SHASA?

  • We are a community organisation located in the Eurobodalla with the aim of increasing the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures by local government, business and residences.
  • We have been operating for 2 years.  SHASA's vision is for the Eurobodalla to increase its energy resilience by producing more of its energy locally through the installation of solar energy systems.
  • Recent years have seen significant increases in the price of electricity. With the nearly doubling of wholesale electricity prices in the last 12 months, electricity retailers expect prices residential electricity prices to increase by up to 30%.  Based on the average annual electricity bill of $2,200, NSW families could end up paying an extra $660 more next financial year.
  • There has never been a greater economic imperative to encourage as many businesses and residences to install solar systems.  The payback for businesses that operate during the day is only 3-4 years.  That's a better return on investment than any other options available.   
  • SHASA has been running a solar bulk buy 1 which by the end of July should have resulted in the install of over 40 solar systems. Through our extensive marketing and promotion we know that many more systems were installed by a range of companies.  
  • SHASA will develop a comprehensive report for Council on the economic benefits of the solar bulk buy to the Eurobodalla.  SHASA will be surveying all customers to identify any issues and ensure that future bulk buys learn the lessons from bulk buy 1.
  • SHASA, for a fee, also conducts energy audits for residences to help them identify measures that will achieve up to 25% savings on their power bills.
  • SHASA is currently developing a strategic plan for the next 3 years. Key priorities will include
  1. working with local government to establish a solar farm in the Eurobodalla that has a community component
  2. advocating for charging points for electric cars
  3. building an eco show house in the Eurobodalla
  4. educating our community on the benefits of renewables and energy efficiency including guest speakers, participating in the Narooma Renewables Expo, participating in the sustainable homes open day.
  5. collaborating with other groups – residents groups,
  6. Partnering with local government to promote the benefits of solar energy to businesses across the Eurobodalla
  7. Influencing local and state government including meeting with councillors, press releases, meetings with politicians.  SHASA recently prepared a submission to the Council's Emission Reductions Plan
  8. continue to offer energy assessments to residences on the South Coast

    We are keen to hear from Councillors about other actions the Council and SHASA could take to increase renewables and/or energy efficiency in the Eurobodalla and any further areas for collaboration. More details are available on our website