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Peter Bernard - 28 February 2017

Peter Bernard made comments regarding flood damage from June 2016 and Narooma Bar walls at the Ordinary Council Meeting 28 February 2017.

June 2016 Flood damage Item 16.0634 -February 28 the 2017

Madam General Manager

You may recall that I asked if you would prepare a State of the Nation report, the Nation being the Eurobodalla, as result of the major storm and South Coast low event in June 2016.

It has been nearly 8 months since that event and I have had discussions with a number of coastal and maritime authorities and council. Apart from the issues raised in this report severe damage was caused to the North and South Break-Walls at the entrance to Wagonga Inlet and that on Western Wall opposite the entrance. Damage has also occurred to the shark proof net at bar beach.

Whilst the Break walls may not be the responsibility of the council, the damage has been reported to me as costing millions to rectify .It is doubtful if all damage can be safely rectified. I believe you should accelerate a report with regards the damage and above all the safety hazards to the hundreds of tourists that are walking along the top of these walls.

The hazardous nature of the damage is not confined to the stability of the walls. Associated with the instability of all walkways children and adults could disappear very quickly and not be noticed immediately. The damage is not confined to these walls. The shark proof net is no longer shark-proof. A number of net floats have been dislodged and floated away. Those remaining are covered with very sharp barnacles and can inflict considerable pain and possible infection.

If the delay in rectifying the damage to the net results with persons or children being swept out it will be inexcusable in a court of law.

I can envisage the front page of the Sunday telegraph showing no mercy to the council in the event of death or serious injury. It will be the second "Lady Macbeth Spot" on the fabric of this council which will never go away0

Council's Reply

1. Narooma breakwalls

As advised in correspondence of 22 February, the breakwalls are owned and maintained by the NSW Government, Department of Industry - Crown lands.
The Department advised that they would be seeking tenders in February 2017 for repair works on the Narooma breakwalls and that further enquiries should be directed to the Department (
Council encouraged the Department to prepare a media release to inform the public of their proposed actions on this matter.

2. Rectification of damaged shark net at Narooma Bar

As previously advised in correspondence of 22 February, a Customer Service Request was raised for the repair to the shark net (CSR 155302). Council inspected the net, and the lower tie down point required a diver to conduct repairs. Council contracted a diver who completed the repairs on 2 February, 2017.