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Peter Bernard - 8 August 2017

Peter Bernard made the below comments at the Ordinary Council Meeting 8 August 2017.

Through you Madam Mayor to the Madam General Manager

Why is it that the Council has not been sending copies of council meeting agendas and attachments and other supporting documents to the Narooma library as at closing time last Friday there were no copies business papers at the local library. It appears that they have not been sent there since the later part of last year. Does this practice apply to other libraries throughout the library?

I know you will say it is on the internet but you must realise that most people do not have that facility and would find it very difficult to navigate.

If you really want community participation you must be sincere about it and encourage new faces and meet new people. You switch off when you see the same old faces like mine and take little notice irrespective whether we are right or wrong. Most people I know say why should they bother because the top brass don’t know what going outside in the real world.

You are paid to serve the community. You must get out and talk to them. For example take a walk around the main commercial areas of Batemans Bay, talk to the public, see the number of shops that are closed, talk to the owners or employees 'of the empty shops.

I would suggest you not drive your car as somebody will back into it for say Clyde St. It is pathetic to see the empty shops and glum faces not only in Batemans Bay but at Narooma. Moruya is not too bad as the 480 employees of council subsidise it more than other centres.