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Peter Bernard - 11 December 2018

Peter Bernard made the below comments at the Ordinary Council Meeting 11 December 2018.

Water Sustainability

Through you Madam Mayor to the General Manager. You may recall I addressed this council regarding the failure of the Eurobodalla Southern Water Supply Environmental Impact Statement to take into account the government and councils policies regarding Sea level Rise.

1 .Has there been a review by SMEC and the council to take these policy prediction levels into account?

2. If not why not?

3. What impact will this have on.

A . Overall cost with review of the environmental impact statement?

B . overall cost of the building  proposal?

C. Cost of re -sighting of the pumping station?

2. D. Cost of relocation of proposed coffer dam

3. E. Impact of the overall cost of the whole project

4.  if the sea level rise reaches the values that have been

5. specified by ESC and / or government of

6. approximately 2.6 m.

7.  F . It is indicated that the proposal will utilise bore water

8.  adjacent to the pumping   site. If this is the case then

9.    up stream bore water , if any, may be required.

10.  Would this be the case?

11.  G    From discussion with the relevant authorities I am

12.  lead to believe that a new pumping  further upstream

13.  may be required !. Is this correct?

14. H.  There are many other issues regarding the proposal

15. including some of the risk assessment statement - particularly the impact on the Bodalla Bridge and

30Million dollar to replace the Turros River bridge

16. on the Princes Highway !    Does this raise any additional

concerns with the council with respect to the residents of Bodalla and some areas Tuross Heads ?

There are many other questions concerning the proposal to be addressed. One in particular was whether approval for weirs or dam could be granted. It was stated by the engineer at the drop in meeting that "approval was not possible " This is not correct as the Minister for Primary

17. and Minister for Regional Water can grant such approval.

18. Bearing in mind that the suggested levels for sea level rise by the NSW Government will have a significant impact on the entrances and inland coastal waters. The construction of dams or weirs to prevent salination of waters and land being used agricultural purposes will be necessary! Has this been overlooked by planning authorities such as the Eurobodalla council who are not hesitant to apply retreat conditions to land adjacent to coastal rivers?

19. There are many other issues and councillors should request an urgent public meeting with this proposal

Peter Bernard 11 Dec 2018