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Peter Bernard - 22 May 2018

Peter Bernard made the below comments at the Ordinary Council Meeting 22 May 2018.

Second Supply Water Storage Facility. 22nd May 2018

As this proposal will involve an off stream storage facility, spillway, several access and egress roads, a new pump station and many kilometres of pipelines the cost may exceed well over a 150 million dollars.

Would the Chief Engineer advise me and the general public of the following

1.0 Why was the environmental statement and detailed design placed on exhibition some six months after being published by SMEC Australia PTY LTD?

2.1 What routes will the proposed pipelines follow/

2.2 How much is the storage facility in mega litres less than that of deep creek dam?

2.3 Is it intended that council replace the existing reservoir on big rock road?

2.4 A field inspection from the road have revealed a considerable number of leakages. Photographs are available upon request.

2.4 It has been announced recently by council that Tyrone farm bores have insufficient water for the future short term use

2.5 What is to become of those bores?

2.6 Has council any ownership claims

2.7 It has been noticed that several million dollars has been written off on the southern dam project.

2.8 What are the precise details of loss of that significance and where were and why those losses incurred?

2.9 Can Tyrone farm bores be used as a backup?

3.0 Are there any proposals for a new quarry to be opened up in the close proximity to be used for construction purposes?

3.1 Coca Cola expressed interest in the sourcing of water from those bores?

3.2 As SMEC have carried out the environmental studies do you expect that they will be awarded the contract.

3.3 Is this company the same company which has had five of its subsidiaries banned by the World Bank due to inappropriate payments

Peter Bernard  22 May 2018