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Peter Bernard - 27 March 2018

Peter Bernard made the below comments at the Ordinary Council Meeting 27 March 2018.

Public Forum. Council lease of Crown Lands. Narooma community centre.

Weapons of mass destruction.

Madam Mayor,

There is a growing awareness in the so called civilised world against guns being readily available and used as “weapons of mass destruction”. This includes those legitimately obtained and capable of being modified to become weapons of mass destruction. Madam Mayor you would be aware that the South Coast Hunters Club has been granted a five year license to continue their operations.   Madam Mayor this council assessed the tenders against a number of criteria. However this organisation may, unwittingly, be involved in display and promotion of weapons that may be capable of being modified and used as weapons of mass destruction. Can this Council guarantee   that none associated with this lease can be modified to become "weapons of mass destruction"? The responsibility of this lies not only with this Council as a whole but with you as Mayor, individual councillors and senior staff including the General Manager.

Madam Mayor. If this Council cannot guarantee this not to be the case it will take only one incident of slaughter or otherwise of our beloved fellows to bring this Council to its knees, a situation such as this will get very little sympathy from the community and responsible authorities. Will you direct the Council to show some leadership and determine any risk - not only to the Council but its community. This very issue must be looked at immediately and seriously. Don’t wait for the minutes to be confirmed.

Once the youth of any country lose their fellow students and compatriots, parents their loved ones, brothers their sisters or sisters their brothers and coupled with loss of confidence in their peers a revolt is in the making. Their compassion is spreading quickly throughout the world. You must ensure that there is no linkage from the lease of the property to sale or promotion of guns capable.

Of being modified used for the "mass slaughter" of our beloved ones. The conversion on many guns legally available will take only a few minutes with the availability of attachments.. If anybody here has been trained to kill they will know that preparation had to done in several minutes or less. Iif one could not do this one faced a tyrant of abuse from your segeant Major, ran around the parade ground with full pack and holding a .. 303 above your head. If this wasn’t good enough one lost a weekends leave preventing one going to the brothels with your mates and or getting drunk.

Madam Mayor you may accuse me of sedition or rebellion, rule me out of order, or even prevent me  even to sit in these chambers without due cause. Whatever you do I advise you not to ignore what I have said. This Council must act as quickly as is possible. Do not wait for the minutes to be confirmed.

Peter Bernard 27th March 2018.  Approx 9-45am.

Council's reply

Council has dealt with the applications for Huntfest events in accordance with the relevant legislation and policy. The NSW Minister for Crown Lands has also consented to the licence.

In relation to your questions, it is noted the NSW Police grant Arms Fair Permits in accordance with its requirements. Council does not issue these permits.