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Cleaning of Council Buildings

Tender number: 2019/CCD 052

Successful tender: ICS Service Solutions

Address of tenderer: 27 King Street Norwood SA 5067

Sub contractors:

Council meeting date and minute number: 11 June 2019 - 19/113

Commencement date: 15 July 2019

Duration of contract: 3 years + 2 x 12 month extension option

Description of goods/services/consultancy: Cleaning of Council Buildings

Tendered amount: $535,000.00

Provision for variation to the amount: May be varied to include adhoc cleaning, as required, in accordance with the tender scope and specification. Also option to extend by 2 x 12 month periods in accordance with the RFT.

Provisions for renegotiation: Option to extend by 2 x 12 month periods.

Method of tender: Public Tender

Criteria of tender evaluation:

  • Price
  • Recency and relevancy of experience
  • Work Health and Safety

Provision for operational and maintenance services: N/A