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Principal Design Consultant – Mackay Park project

Tender number: 2019/PLS034

Successful tender: NBRS & Partners Pty Ltd

Address of tenderer: Level 3, 4 Glen Street, Milsons Point NSW 2061

Council meeting date and minute number: 11 September 2018 – PSR18/080

Commencement date: 20 September 2018

Duration of contract: 30 months

Description of Goods/Services/Consultancy: Principal Design Consultant – Mackay Park project

Tendered Amount: $3,291,130.30 (GST inclusive)

Method of tendering (where relevant): Two Stage – Expression of Interest/Selective Tender

Provision for Variation to the Amount:

  • Description of any provision under which the amount payable to the contractor may be varied when requested by the Principal, the Consultant must, within the time specified in the request, advise the Principal of its price (including any delay costs) for a proposed variation and the effect on the time to complete the Services, or on any other matter specified in the request.
  • Unless the principal instructs the Consultant to proceed, the Consultant must not begin to carry out a variation until the parties have agreed on the price and time implications (including any delay costs).
  • Description of any provisions under which the contract may be renegotiated if the Consultant considers that a variation applies but the Principal has not instructed a variation, the Consultant must make its claim for a variation within 5 Business Days from the start of the event giving rise to the alleged variation, or from the time the event should have become known to the Consultant with reasonable diligence on its part. If the Principal does not agree that a variation applies, the Principal must advise the Consultant in writing.

Criteria of tender evaluation:

Price (weighting 60%)

  • Fee (including breakdown per discipline per phase)
  • Lump Sum Rates for items
  • Rates for Variations

Non-price (weighting 40%)

  • Methodology and structure of professional services as provided in the Outline Services Delivery Plan
  • Proposed Team and Resourcing
  • Understanding of Project Requirements and approach to management and control of key project parameters