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Provision of Local Legal Services

Tender Number: 3/17

Various Suppliers:

  • Lindsay Taylor Lawyers
  • Spark Helmore
  • Maddocks, Sydney
  • Kells The Lawyers,Wollongong
  • SWAAB Attorneys
  • Elringtons
  • Pikes & Verekers Lawyers
  • BAL Lawyers
  • RGS Lawyers
  • Kell Moore Lawyers
  • Wilshire Webb StauntonBeattie Lawyers

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Address of Tenderer: Various

Sub Contractors: N/A

Council Meeting Date and Minute Number: 10/10/2017 - CCS 17/078

Commencement Date: 1 November 2017

Duration of Contract: 3 years

Description of Goods/Services/Consultancy: Provision of Local Legal Services

Tendered Amount: N/A

Provisions for Variation to the Amount: Schedule of rates and annual CPI increase

Provisions for Renegotiation: Nil

Method of Tender: Open Tender

Criteria of Tender Evaluation: TEP weighted evaluation of price and non-price criteria.