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Sewer Rehabilitation and Maintenance

Tender Number: 2017/ISD047

Successful Tender:

  • Interflow Pty Ltd GMA
  • Environmental Services Pty Ltd
  • Toxfree Australia Pty Ltd
  • FITT Resources Pty Ltd

Address of Tenderer:

  • Interflow Pty Ltd, 254 Toongabbie Rd, Girraween NSW 2145
  • GMA Waste Water Services, 2 Keith Cambell Court, Scoresby VIC 3179
  • Toxfree Astralia Pty Ltd, 40 Christie Street, St Mary's NSW 2760
  • FITT Resources Pty Ltd, 27 Awaba Street, Lisarow NSW 2250

Sub Contractors: N/A

Council Meeting Date and Minute Number: Meeting 21 September 2017, Minute 17/302

Commencement Date: 12 September 2017

Duration of Contract: 2 years plus 2 years extension

Description of Goods/Services/Consultancy: Sewer rehabilitation and maintenance

Tendered Amount: $1,500,000

Provisions for Variation to the Amount: Schedule of rates

Provisions for Renegotiation: N/A

Method of Tender: Open Tender

Criteria of Tender Evaluation: TEP weighted evaluation of price and non-price criteria.