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WHS Management System

Tender Number: 2018/ORG 065

Successful Tender: Jardine Lloyd Thompson

Address of Tenderer: Lvl 37, 225 George St, Sydney

Sub Contractors: N/A

Council Meeting Date and Minute Number: 11 September 2018 – 18/246

Commencement Date: 2 October 2018

Duration of Contract: 15 months

Description of Goods/Services/Consultancy: WHS Management System

Tendered Amount: $194,500.00

Provision for Variation to the Amount: N/A

Provisions for Renegotiation: Provisions to engage the consultants to assist with implementation and/or delivery of training

Method of Tender: RFT

Criteria of Tender Evaluation:

  • Demonstrated Capability and Capacity (10%)
  • Demonstrated Experience and Past Performance (15%)
  • Key Personnel (10%)
  • Proposed Methodology and Program (10%)
  • Lump Sum Price / Total Price (55%)
  • Work Health and Safety (Mandatory Yes/No)
  • Financial and Commercial  (Mandatory Yes/No)

Provision for Operational and Maintenance Services: N/A