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Citizens' Jury: is Council spending your money on the right things?

Project: gather community input for Council's 2017-2020 Delivery Program via a citizens' jury model.

Last updated: April 2018

The review and development of Council’s Delivery Program 2017-21 included a Citizens’ Jury deliberative consultation process, conducted by not-for-profit research organisation New Democracy Foundation (nDF).

The Eurobodalla Citizens’ Jury was made up of 28 randomly selected everyday people from our community. Participants were taken through a comprehensive exploration of the work done by Council and considered the question ‘Is Council spending your money on the right things? If not, what should we change?’

The Eurobodalla Citizens’ Jury met in person seven times between September and November 2016 for a total of 36.5 hours to deliberate meaningfully and find common ground. Each session was independently facilitated.

As the starting point for discussion Council prepared the Eurobodalla Citizens’ Jury Briefing Book which provided detailed information on Council income, expenditure, service delivery and infrastructure. In addition to this informative briefing book nDF coordinated a further 63 requests of information in which Council provided responses to throughout the process and arranged 22 speakers, as per juror requests.

To support and inform the Citizens’ Jury process three stakeholder consultations were initially held, with over 100 people attending. In addition, 39 submissions to the Citizens’ Jury were received and 22 speakers presented.

Interest and participation in the associated online community hub was significant, with 84 community members registered and 1,860 individual visits during the Citizens’ Jury process.

The Citizens’ Jury Final report was tabled at the Council meeting on 13 December 2016 and Council undertook to respond to the Jury’s 86 recommendations.

Briefing book

The briefing book is the base information provided to every member of the Jury. It has been prepared by Council staff and provides detailed information on Council income, expenditure, service delivery and infrastructure. All content has been sourced from existing Council publications or records.

Final report

The Citizens’ Jury finalised their report at their 7th meeting on 30 November 2016. Members of the Jury then briefed Councillors on their experience, the process and the final report at a Councillor briefing on 6 December 2016. The final report was formally received by Council at its meeting on 13 December 2016.

Council Response

Council’s response to the Eurobodalla Citizens’ Jury Report and the 86 recommendations was presented at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 11 April 2017.

More information

For more information about the Eurobodalla Citizens Jury please contact Organisation Service Review Coordinator Amber Pollard: