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Marine Infrastructure Asset Management Plan

Project: Developing a new asset management plan to provide future direction for improvements, renewals and maintenance of Eurobodalla’s marine facilities.

Last updated: February 2020

The Plan will identify and prioritise marine infrastructure projects for the next 10 years and provide crucial support for grant funding applications.

We know boating and fishing activities are important to locals and visitors so we want to ensure our facilities are ship-shape and cater for the inevitable increase in demand.

We are drawing on the knowledge and experience of our waterway users to help us develop a plan that truly reflects the needs of our community in an affordable way.

Check out our marine facilities and their locations.

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Latest news

See where we are up to and what we have done so far.

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Council's marine infrastructure overview

Find out what marine facilities are owned and maintained by Council.

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Current marine priorities

Discover what marine projects we are working on while we develop the new Plan.

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Recent marine projects

Check out some of the improvements we've made to our marine facilities over the past five years.

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Funding sources

Learn about where the money comes from to fund marine facility improvements.

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Related plans and strategies

View the Council and NSW Government plans and strategies that will influence the new Marine Infrastructure Asset Management Plan.

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