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Nelligen Boat Ramp Car Park

Project: Constructing an additional car park at the Wharf Street Boat Ramp in Nelligen

Funding: A $424,192 grant through the NSW State Government Boating Now funding program

Timeframe: Completion is expected within 2019.

Last updated: May 2020


We have been successful in obtaining grant funding through the NSW State Government Boating Now funding program so that an additional car and boat trailer parking area can be built to service the boat ramp on Wharf Street, Nelligen.

The additional car park has been designed to cater for the high use of the boat ramp experienced particularly during peak periods.

The existing car park adjacent to the boat ramp currently has nine spaces for cars and boat trailers. The new car park will provide an additional 16 spaces.

Council has acquired vacant land at the southern end of Wharf Street to allow for construction.

A new service road will connect the existing car park to the new parking area. Vehicles will be have the option to continue through the car park and exit onto Tennis Court Lane. New streetlights will provide sufficient lighting for the service road and the car park.

Use of the boat ramp and existing car and boat trailer parking area will not be affected during construction.

Latest news

December 2019

The new car park extends from the original one at the Nelligen boat ramp

  • The finished car park neatly nestles into the surrounding vegetation.
  • The freshly painted lines designate individual parking spaces for vehicles towing boat trailers.

October 2019

  • The new parking area has been sealed and is open for use.
  • Line-marking experts will be on site shortly to delineate individual parking spaces.

September 2019

Heavy plant work on the additional car park at Nelligen boat ramp.

  • We've been busy this month building a retaining wall and bringing in material to level the car park.
  • The kerb and gutter is now in place and defines the edges of the new parking area.
  • We've packed up the tools for the school holidays so folks can use the new area without works ruining the ambience.
  • We will return to lay the bitumen and line-mark the parking area in mid-October.

August 2019

The gross pollutant trap has been installed at the car park.

  • We have obtained the necessary approvals and are back on site to complete this project.
  • We’ve installed a gross pollutant trap to catch any bulky items heading for the lovely Nelligen waters.
  • Up next we are going to improve the stormwater infrastructure and build new retaining walls, kerb and gutter to help keep the Clyde River pristine and protect the wetlands.
  • All going well, the new car park will be open in time for the upcoming school holidays.

July 2019

  • We have created the access road and a section of the new car park. Although these areas aren’t sealed yet, they are open for use.
  • Work will cease for now and we’ll be back into it again once we have the next round of approvals from the NSW Department of Primary Industries.
  • It’s a slow process but we’ll get there in the end!

June 2019

An excavator does earthworks to prepare for the new car park.

  • We have laid the underground stormwater pipes needed to drain the car park and access road.
  • Earthworks are continuing on the car park and access road.
  • Concrete kerb will be built soon.
  • Due to the need to protect recently identified wetland communities, the design of the car park has had to be varied. It is still on-track for opening prior to the busy summer season of 2019/20.

May 2019

A sign is erected where the construction work begins.

  • Crews have begun work on site to build the new car and boat trailer parking area.
  • The plan has been revised due to environmental issues and the number of parking spaces has been reduce to 16.

April 2019

  • Crews are scheduled to begin construction works on the new car and boat trailer parking area after the April school holidays.
  • The work will be carried out in stages due to environmental requirements.

October 2018

  • Recent mapping changes within the Department of Primary Industries have affected a small section of the planned car park extension.
  • We are in the process of modifying the design to enable us to proceed with the project while the impacts are assessed.

June 2018

  • The area currently being used as a turning circle is deemed unsuitable.

  • A new service road is designed to lead from Wharf Street to the new parking area.

  • The land is acquired to allow for the new parking area.

More information

For more information about the Nelligen boat ramp and car park upgrade, please contact our Design Coordinator, Geoff Armstrong: