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Rural Lands Strategy

Last updated: May 2020

The Rural Lands Strategy (the Strategy) was first initiated in 2012, as Council sought to investigate the issues and opportunities surrounding rural areas in Eurobodalla Shire.

The purpose of the Strategy has been to encourage a vibrant commercial agriculture sector, increase rural living opportunities and support the growth of rural business opportunities, including tourism. At the same time, the Strategy seeks to balance the rural economic outcomes with the requirements to conserve the biodiversity and landscape qualities of Eurobodalla’s private lands.

The Strategy was adopted by Council in 2016 after extensive engagement throughout the community.

As a result of the adopted Rural Lands Strategy, Council prepared a Rural Lands Planning Proposal (the Planning Proposal) to implement the recommendations of the Strategy. A planning proposal is a document explaining the intended effect of changes to a Local Environment Plan (LEP) and justifying the need for making the new plan.

  • Consistent with NSW Government requirements, Council placed the Rural Lands Planning Proposal on public exhibition from 9 May 2018 to 22 June 2018 and received a number submissions.
  • These submissions and an accompanying report was considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 28 August 2018, where Council endorsed the Planning Proposal.
  • The proposal was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment on 18 December 2018.
  • The planning amendment took effect on 11 October 2019, resulting in the Eurobodalla Local Environmental Plan 2012 being amended largely in accordance to the original Rural Lands planning proposal sent to the Department of Planning and Environment.
  • The differences between what took effect and the planning proposal were changes in the proposed minimum lot sizes for several rural properties in the areas of Neringla, Merricumbene, Cadgee/Eurobodalla and Dignams Creek. Council notified these property owners of the changes and requested they contact the Department of Planning and Environment for further information. The Department stated that the changes were the result of ongoing concerns they had regarding bushfire risk in these areas.
  • The amended Eurobodalla Local Environment Plan 2012 can be viewed on the NSW legislation website.

Presentations in response to submissions made

You can read the presentation made to Council in response to submissions from NSW Government agencies, and the presentation in response to all submissions:

Project details

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Rural Lands Planning Proposal

The Rural Lands Planning Proposal, which was on public exhibition from 9 May to 22 June 2018.

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Latest news

Council's media releases about the Rural Lands project.

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Rural Lands Planning Proposal.

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A list of activities that have taken place since the project began in 2012.

Rural Lands Strategy, adopted 23 February 2016

Rural Lands Strategy

What's involved, strategy documents and supporting material.

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Project documents

Presentations and reference documents related to the project.

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Rural Lands Steering Committee

The committee's role, members, Terms of Reference and meeting minutes.

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