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What has happened so far


Below is a timeline of key events that have occurred in relation to the Rural Lands Strategy:

  • August 2012: The first meeting of the Rural Lands Steering Committee took place on Thursday, 23 August 2012.
  • June 2014: Council facilitated a series of Policy Directions Workshops, identifying rural property owners (large, medium and small), people with environmental interests and tourism and rural business owners as key stakeholders within five separate workshops.
  • February 2015: Council engaged consultants, Garrett Barry & Associates, to prepare the Rural Lands Strategy.
  • October - November 2015: Council publicly exhibited a draft Rural Lands Strategy from Friday 16 October 2015 to Friday 27 November 2015, and hosted a series of consultation sessions in Moruya, Nelligen, Narooma and Central Tilba during the exhibition period.
  • January 2016: The last meeting of the Steering Committee occurred on Thursday, 14 January 2016.
  • February 2016: Council adopted the Rural Lands Strategy at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday, 23 February 2016. The Steering Committee dissolved upon the adoption of the Rural Lands Strategy on 23 February 2016.
  • July 2016: Council endorsed a Planning Proposal for Gateway Determination.
  • October 2017: Council received a Gateway Determination subject to consultation with NSW authorities, and requesting an update to some of the draft material:
  • February 2018: Council provided the NSW Department of Planning & Environment with updated information after consulting with the relevant NSW authorities.
  • April 2018: After submitting additional material, Council received approval from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment to publicly exhibit the Planning Proposal.
  • May - June 2018: Council publicly exhibited the Planning Proposal from Wednesday, 9 May 2018 to Friday, 22 June 2018.
  • August 2018: An assessment of the submissions received about the Planning Proposal while it was on public exhibition was considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday, 28 August 2018.
  • August 2018: Council endorsed sending the Planning Proposal to the Department of Planning & Environment (the Department) to make the plan.
  • December 2018: A planning package, including the Planning Proposal, Council Minute and amended mapping was sent to the Department to make the plan and the Minister to sign-off.

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