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Tyrone Bridge replacement

Project: Replacement of the Tyrone Bridge with a concrete structure.

Start: May 2017

Completed: April 2018

Funding: $1.25m from NSW Government Fixing Country Roads program and $1.25m from the Australian Government Bridges Renewal Program.

Last updated: November 2019


Tyrone Bridge on Nerrigundah Mountain Road is just west of the intersection with Eurobodalla Road, approximately 9km west of Bodalla. The old single lane timber bridge spanned 83m across the Tuross River.

A new $2.5 million single lane concrete bridge has been built to replace the original. The 86m concrete bridge has the advantage of:

  • being at a higher level, therefore less flood prone
  • providing a greater certainty of carrying capacity
  • being low maintenance with an estimated useful life of 100 years.

Tyrone Bridge supports 250 vehicle movements per day and provides vital transport links to Eurobodalla’s dairy farms, quarries and forestry, as well as residences around Nerrigundah and Belowra.


June 2018

The new Tyrone Bridge was officially opened on 15 June 2018 by State Member Andrew Constance MP, Wagonga Local Aboriginal Lands Council’s Aunty Vivienne Mason and Eurobodalla Shire Mayor Liz Innes.

Aunty Vivienne gave a heartfelt Welcome to Country and performed a smoking ceremony.

Local residents, farmers and businesses as well as RFS and SES members celebrated the major milestone. The beautifully restored vehicles from the vintage car club made the day even more special as they cruised over the bridge.

May 2018

  • Finishing touches have been completed.
  • The road has been sealed and the guard rails have been installed.
  • The new bridge has been functioning as expected and it will continue to be monitored as an ongoing asset.

April 2018:

  • The bridge approaches are now complete, and the old bridge has been removed.
  • The road is currently unsealed, which will allow traffic to help compact the gravel before sealing.
  • Preparation for the final touches is underway, including sealing the road once it has been compacted, installing guardrails, linemarking, scour protection, and minor environmental restoration.

March 2018

  • The road approaches to the new bridge are now open to traffic.
  • Work has begun on demolishing and removing the old bridge.

November 2017

  • Work is on track for the bridge structure to be complete by Christmas, then we will progress the work on the bridge approaches.
  • The bridge superstructure (the bridge span that directly receives the load) is completed.

Work progressing on the new Tyrone Bridge - Nov 2017Work progressing on the new Tyrone Bridge - Nov 2017

October 2017

  • Concrete 'planks' have been lowered into place by crane and the new bridge is really beginning to take shape.
  • The existing bridge will be closed for up to 15 minutes at a time on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 October. Motorists should expect intermittent delays on those days.
  • The bridge steel piles have now been capped and the concrete poured for the bridge columns and abutments.
  • The bridge substructure is completed.

Work progressing on Tyrone Bridge - October 2017Work progressing on Tyrone Bridge - October 2017

Works underway on the Tyrone Bridge replacement - October 2017Works underway on the Tyrone Bridge replacement - October 2017Works underway on the Tyrone Bridge replacement - October 2017Works underway on the Tyrone Bridge replacement - October 2017

September 2017

  • Underground works, incorporating the steel piles upon which the bridge supports will sit, have been completed.
  • Columns that support the bridge deck will be installed over the coming month. These will begin to show how much higher the new bridge will be than the current bridge.

Aerial view of Tyrone Bridge construction - September 2017Aerial view of Tyrone Bridge construction - September 2017

August 2017

  • The work site has been established on the eastern side of the river and works have begun on the construction of the new bridge.

Tyrone Bridge prior to start of construction of the replacement bridge Survey marking and site preparation for the replacement of Tyrone BridgeStart of construction of the replacement Tyrone Bridge

June 2017

  • Bridge construction is scheduled to start on 14 July 2017.
  • Traffic will be able to continue using the existing bridge throughout the construction process.

March 2017

  • Bridgeworks has been awarded the contract to construct the new Tyrone Bridge.
  • The work site will begin to be established in May.
  • The new bridge is being built adjacent to the existing bridge (downstream) and new road approaches will also be built to access the new bridge.

August 2016

  • Tyrone Bridge will be closed from Monday 22 August to Saturday 10 September 2016 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 9.00am to 3.00pm while we strengthen the timber piles and test the bedrock in preparation for bridge being replaced next year. New steel support piles will be driven into the riverbed alongside the existing timber piles, which will then be ‘tied off’ to each other to maintain the bridge’s carrying capacity until it can be replaced with a new concrete structure.
  • There is no detour for heavy vehicles during these works, but other traffic can use River Road to reach the highway.

Original Tyrone Bridge

Community engagement

Council advised residents in the affected area about the works throughout the project, including when the bridge is closed.

Council engineers contacted the quarries, the dairy, and the school bus company to discuss the work and how we would attempt to minimise the time the bridge is closed.

Message boards were in place in Bodalla and at the bridge for a few weeks before the work started to let motorists know about the planned works and closures.

More information

For more information about the Tyrone Bridge replacement, please contact Royce Toohey, Support Services Engineer:

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