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Culture and heritage

Heritage consists of those places, objects, customs and stories that we as a community have inherited from the past and want to hand on to future generations.

Eurobodalla’s heritage is diverse and includes buildings, objects, stories, cemeteries and individual graves, monuments, specific places and larger areas, landscapes, archaeological sites, shipwrecks, relics, bridges, streets, and conservation areas.

Our heritage, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, gives us a sense of the way of life of earlier generations. It enriches our lives and helps us to understand who we are today.

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Heritage items and places

NSW Heritage Inventory

Items and places that have heritage significance are recorded in databases maintained by Heritage NSW.

The NSW Heritage Inventory offers a full list items and places recognised for their heritage value:

Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System

The NSW Office of Heritage NSW, Department of Premier and Cabinet maintains the Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System (AHIMS). It includes:

  • information about Aboriginal objects that have been reported to the Director General, Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • information about Aboriginal Places which have been declared by the Minister for Heritage to have special significance with respect to Aboriginal culture
  • archaeological reports.

As well as providing valuable cultural information for conserving and protecting local sites and heritage, AHIMS can be helpful for natural resource management, land-use planning, cultural heritage assessments, archaeological surveys, development proposals, property purchases and oral history projects.

Local studies and projects

Heritage Advisory Service

If your property is heritage listed or is in a heritage conservation area, you may like to take advantage of our free Heritage Advisory Service.

The service is delivered by our Heritage Advisor, an independent specialist who provides free advice to owners of heritage listed items. This can include advice on colour schemes, extensions, awnings and fences as well as more comprehensive advice on the integration of new development in older areas.

The free advice provided is of a general nature and should be considered as the starting point for more extensive work that may require an architect, builder or designer.

We encourage owners to use the service at the earliest design stage.

The Heritage Advisor also assesses applications for the Local Heritage Grants and provides independent assessment of heritage issues associated with development applications.

For more information or to access the service please contact Council's Strategy Planner (Heritage)

  • T: 02 4474 1324.

Historical societies

Batemans Bay Heritage Museum

Moruya and District Historical Society and Museum

Narooma Historical Society

  • PO Box 439, Narooma NSW 2546

Narooma museum items are displayed at

  • Narooma Visitors Centre, Princes Highway, Narooma NSW 2546

Grants and resources

People with properties that are heritage listed or in a heritage conservation area can participate in grant programs that help preserve and celebrate Eurobodalla's cultural heritage:

You can also access resources to explore different aspects of heritage and conservation:

Advisory committees

Eurobodalla Council's Heritage Advisory Committee and Aboriginal Advisory Committee work with us to ensure that our heritage work is aligned with the needs and desires of the wider community.

Local strategies and plans

Eurobodalla Heritage Strategy

The Eurobodalla Heritage Strategy guides Council and the community in the recognition and preservation of our cultural heritage.

Conservation management plans

Eurobodalla's conservation management plans set out what is significant about a place and what management actions are appropriate to enable that significance to be retained in its future use and development.

For most of these local places, the conservation management plan deals with the management of change.

Moruya Showground

Former Mechanic's Institute and School of Arts

Moruya Heads Pilot Station

This plan was prepared in response to a brief by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. A copy of the plan is held at Council's Customer Service Centre, Moruya.

Moruya Quarry and Wharf

This plan was prepared in response to a brief by the NSW Department of Lands. A copy of the plan is held at Council's Customer Service Centre, Moruya.

Nerrigundah (Pollock's) Store (destroyed by bushfire January 2020)

This Conservation Management Plan (CMP) presented information in relation of the owner's wish to seek consent, under Clause 28D of Eurobodalla Rural Local Environmental Plan 1987, to establish a new use for the commercial area of the property. The use was prohibited at the time.

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For more information please contact Council's Strategy Planner (Heritage):