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Aboriginal Cultural and Heritage Projects

Awards photoEurobodalla Shire Council completed four Aboriginal culture and heritage projects in partnership with the community in 2012. The projects were conducted over two years and followed up on recommendations of the Eurobodalla's 2008 Aboriginal Heritage Study.

Council acknowledges the cultural and intellectual property rights of Aboriginal people whose cultural knowledge is featured in these publications and reports and together with the Aboriginal informants jointly holds the copyright to any publicly available information collected for the purposes of these projects. The information collected remains the property of the informants and may not be used for purposes other than those permitted by standard Australian Copyright laws without written permission.

Following consideration by the Eurobodalla Aboriginal Advisory Committee, some reports have been made available on this website. Other culturally sensitive documents can also be made available to local Aboriginal communities and agencies if they comply with agreed protocols and information agreements. Please contact council on 4474 1000 for more information.

These projects were funded by Eurobodalla Shire Council, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities with a contribution from Merriman's Local Aboriginal Land Council.

A history of Aboriginal reserves in Eurobodalla

This report presents a history of the 12 former Aboriginal reserves in the Eurobodalla Shire. The former Aboriginal reserve system across NSW was initially a reaction to changes following settler selection of land, sometimes in response to requests for land made by Aboriginal people or by settler farmers advocated on behalf of dispossessed locals.

Exploring the significance of totems in Aboriginal culture

The term 'totem' is used to describe the complex inter-relationship between people and the natural world, the two providing mutual benefits to each other through a spiritual, yet tangible inter-dependency.

This project collated information gathered about totems across the region over the past century, and through oral history and the community participating in fieldwork, attempts to determine the extent to which the Koori community value this cultural practice today.

Species identified included the Black Swan with it's affiliation to the Moruya area and the Black Duck with it's affiliation to the region, in particular to Wallaga Lake.


Gravesites within the Wallaga Lake Cemetery

This investigation combined information from historical records, oral history and a ground penetrating radar survey (GPR) of the privately owned Wallaga Lake Aboriginal Cemetery.

The aim of the investigation was to identify any unmarked graves and establish names for marked, unnamed graves. Not all locations identified by oral history and historical records have been verified. Further community consultation, historical research and oral history recording is required.

Dhurga Timeline Project

This project developed a portable educational display illustrating Aboriginal history in the Eurobodalla, based on information collected during the course of the Eurobodalla Aboriginal Heritage Study and further community participation.

The timeline display is available for loan to schools, training organisations, libraries and other community organisations. Please contact us on 02 4474 1000 for bookings.