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Water, waste services and public health

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This page answers common questions about waste services and public health matters following bushfire, and provides links to other relevant government authorities. If you have specific questions about your situation, please phone us:

  • Eurobodalla bushfire recovery support team: 4474 7434
  • Council's waste services: 4474 1024

You can also sign up to receive email updates about other support options, grants, and new announcements:

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NSW bushfire clean-up program


  • The NSW clean-up program will include removing asbestos waste by a licensed asbestos removalist.
  • Each site is assessed and where asbestos is identified or is likely to be present, the site is sprayed down with a sealant.
  • Hazard notices are displayed on properties to provide advice for owners. You can find out the status of your property by phoning Service NSW on 1800 885 539.
  • Do not enter your property until you are advised that it is safe to do so.

Fire damaged trees and vegetation

  • Burnt vegetation of appropriate size can be put in green-lid organic waste bins for kerbside collection. Please do not put tree stumps or branches thicker than 75mm in green-lid bins.
  • Do not put green waste out loose on the kerb, it will not be collected.
  • Do not undertake unapproved clearing on public land or illegally dump green waste in forests or reserves.

Report potential bushfire hazards on public land for assessment by the NSW Rural Fire Service:

Elderly or disabled residents in fire prone areas can access the NSW Rural Fire Service AIDER Program, a one-off service to reduce bushfire hazards on currently unaffected properties.

Household bin collection

  • Kerbside collections are back to normal. Please:
    • put all recycling into your yellow lidded bin
    • put green waste into your green lidded bin
    • put waste into your red lidded bin.
    • see our Household Waste and Recycling Guide for more information.
  • Burnt vegetation of appropriate size can go in the green-lid organic waste bins for kerbside collection. Please do not put tree stumps or branches thicker than 75mm in green-lid bins.
  • Do not put green waste out loose on the kerb, it will not be collected.
  • Put domestic garbage in the red-lid bin only.
  • To get damaged or missing bins replaced phone Council’s Waste Services on 4474 1024.

Burnt items you can take to the tip

  • Our three tips at Surf Beach, Moruya and Brou are open.
  • Residents can take one 6x4ft trailer/ute load each of burnt green waste and household items to Brou and Surf Beach tips for free, then usual tip fees apply.
    • This includes burnt green waste and fire affected outdoor materials such as outdoor furniture, smaller household items, garden implements, dog kennels, clotheslines and children’s play equipment.
  • We are accepting fire-impacted demolition waste. Tip fees apply unless it is from Laing O’Rourke bushfire clean-up contractors.
  • On weekdays, there may be extended waiting times at Surf Beach and Brou due to access for the bushfire clean-up contractors. There are fewer clean-up trucks lined up on Saturdays and no bushfire clean-up trucks on Sundays.

Water quality and supply

Supply and tanks

  • Ash is unlikely to be a health risk but may affect the appearance and taste of water.
  • Residents concerned with the taste, look or smell of their tank water should use an alternative safe water supply, such as bottled water, for drinking, preparing food, cleaning teeth or watering animals.
  • If your water supply has been contaminated by fire retardant, extra precautions are required, please read NSW Health advice about fire retardants and private water supplies.
  • There is no compensation for voluntary use of water to wet buildings or grounds during a bushfire.
  • For residents not connected to the water supply AND where RFS have taken water or contaminated roofs with fire retardant, contact Disaster Welfare Assistance:
    • T: 1800 018 444
  • Council’s water and sewer service lines into properties destroyed by bushfire have been temporarily disconnected to prevent leaks and to ensure the infrastructure is not damaged during the clean-up phase. When property owners are ready to rebuild, contact Council to arrange reconnection.

Water carriers

For residents not connected to Council’s water supply can contact a water carrier for water supply, or a plumber for tank cleaning services.

Here are known water carriers that service the Eurobodalla Shire. Council acknowledges this is not a comprehensive list and residents should do their own research:

  • Shoalhaven Excavations: Ulladulla, 4423 2824
  • Emery Excavations: South Durras, 0458 206 542
  • Eurocoast Water: North Batemans Bay, 0427 712 283
  • Brett O'Mealey: Nelligen, 0438 864 909
  • Eurobodalla Tipper & Tanker Hire: Batemans Bay, 0411 044 276
  • Batemans Bay Excavations: Batemans Bay, 0408 948 251
  • Greenlands Garden Centre: Moruya, 0429 440 925
  • Purely Water: Moruya, 0458 937 085
  • Moruya H2O: Moruya, 0427 745 133
  • Tilba Tipper & Water Hire: Narooma, 0448 737 344
  • Narooma Water Cartage: Central Tilba, 0409 916 615
  • Welsh's Tipper & Water Hire: Cobargo, 0408 167 172
  • RD Miller: Bega, 6492 7333

Damaged on-site sewage management systems (OSMS)

  • Depending on the extent of damage to your system, it may not suitable for use until it is repaired or replaced.
  • Damaged systems should be inspected by a licensed plumber or authorised technician to determine the extent of the damage.
  • Water use should be reduced until the system is inspected and repaired.
  • If the tank/s presents a trip or fall hazard, ensure the area around the tank is made safe, eg, cover the tank and use a temporary fence.
  • If you are replacing the system in accordance with existing approval, there is no requirement to submit an application. The work must be done by a suitably qualified person. Prior to works, submit a notice of works to Council and a works as executed plan upon completion.
  • If you wish to modify the type or location of the system, please contact Council. Any modifications will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Find out more:

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