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Campaign opportunities

Unspoilt Campaign

Promotions and opportunities

We offer opportunities throughout the year to help build relationships with a range of local tourism businesses.

Offers to join in tactical campaigns and other promotions are designed to raise awareness for Eurobodalla with our target markets. Featuring products and services helps us present our destination and showcase the many exciting products, services and activities available.

Most of our opportunities are absolutely free and are communicated through our monthly industry newsletter. Subscribe here to receive regular updates.

See the current opportunities available below:

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Autumn 2018 - Delicious Discoveries

Autumn 2018 ‘Delicious Discoveries’ campaign

This campaign offer is now closed.

Spring 2017 - Better Nature campaign

Spring 2017 – Better Nature campaign

Our collaborative Spring campaign Better Nature ran for 13 weeks from 4 September until 3 December 2017.

11 partners featured 9 special deals to support campaign positioning.

The campaign objective was to raise awareness of Eurobodalla's appeal as a natural, unspoilt destination and to drive leads to partners web link, email address or phone.

Targeting audiences in regional NSW, Sydney, ACT and regional Victoria, we used a combination of digital media channels to distribute campaign ads and messaging.

Here are the overall key results:

  • Campaign website pageviews - 8,477
  • Tracked website business leads - 609
  • Eurobodalla Facebook post reach – 78,512
  • Total Facebook Ad reach – 225,512
  • Total paid web display ad impressions - 11,523,868
  • Holiday newsletter distribution - 6,544 with 29.66% open rate

Tourism is everyone's business campaign

Tourism is everyone's business is a campaign that aims to improve the way our community understands and values tourism, and the economic, social and environmental benefits that tourism delivers for Eurobodalla.

How does tourism help our community?


Tourism is a labour-intensive 'clean' industry that creates jobs. In Eurobodalla, almost 3720 people are directly or indirectly employed in tourism.

Better infrastructure and community facilities

The tourism industry pays rates, taxes, school fees, memberships and other charges that contribute to roads, transport, pathways, boat ramps, parks, walking trails, sport and recreation facilities, community buildings, clubs, schools, hospitals, and new businesses. Growth in tourism brings new and better infrastructure and services that benefits residents.

Social benefits

Residents enjoy a calendar of community, cultural and sporting events that rely on tourism to be financially viable. These events improve our community's health and wellbeing. The industry also increases the quality and range of local services, food and retail and provides an enviable range of tourism attractions, tours and activities on our doorstep all year round. Tourism brings a sense of pride to our community by showcasing why we live here.

Environmental benefits

In a nature based tourism destination like Eurobodalla, we invest in the conservation of ecosystems, waterways and natural resource management to ensure our region remains authentic and desirable to visitors.

Opportunities for business

Tourism creates opportunities to establish new and expand existing businesses which would not be sustainable if they were based on the resident population alone.

Who's in tourism?

In the year ending June 2015, 1.26 million visitors spent $405 million in Eurobodalla. Businesses and people that directly or indirectly receive income from this are all in tourism along with business groups, community groups, residents, government agencies and Council — which is why we say that tourism is everyone's business!

How does Council support tourism?

Council promotes Eurobodalla through marketing programs and campaigns in Canberra, Sydney, regional NSW and Victoria, Australia and internationally. They include digital and social media, print, radio, TV and billboard advertising, and securing travel stories in magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs. We exhibit at major holiday shows and develop information brochures and other branded marketing assets. We ensure that Eurobodalla, its towns and villages, attractions, accommodations, tours and experiences are widely represented on travel websites and in travel and mainstream media, and on government tourism sites and other publications.

We manage and visitor centres in Batemans Bay and Narooma.

We support local businesses through providing tourism and business development programs, industry opportunities and cooperative marketing. We help event organisers grow and promote their events, and we attract new events for Eurobodalla.

Council provides transport and community infrastructure and environmental programs that make Eurobodalla a safe, easy and attractive place to visit. We also play an important advocacy and partnership role to promote tourism and the development of the industry with other levels of government.

What can you do to help grow tourism?

It's easy! You can be a tourism ambassador by sharing your local knowledge to encourage visitors and your friends and relatives to stay a bit longer, spend a bit more or plan to return another time.

Visit to discover walking and cycling trails, history and heritage, ancient geological sites, and where to swim, kayak, surf, paddleboard, snorkel, sky-dive and cruise the waterways on a seaplane.

Find out where to stay and eat out, what to see and do, where to fish and play golf, the best places to see whales, and how to relax and be pampered. Browse the event calendar and see what's on all year round.

Council publishes 90,000 copies of the annual Eurobodalla Holiday Guide and a range of informative visitor brochures that you can pick up at the Batemans Bay and Narooma visitor centres, the libraries and

Council's Moruya customer service centre. If you would like to receive these brochures by post, please phone 1800 802 528.

Social media is another way you can help spread the word about Eurobodalla. Follow us on Facebook Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and use our campaign hashtags #eurobodalla, #southcoastnsw and #unspoilt

Gift vouchers - Always On

Our Gift Voucher campaign runs all year round and is open for submissions now.

Our objectives are:

  • Present shoppers with an easy and seamless experience when they are comparing and purchasing gift vouchers on
  • Generate leads and maximise opportunity for sales conversion for our partner businesses
  • Build awareness of the range of tourism product in Eurobodalla

Criteria and what we need from you

Only businesses operating within the Eurobodalla Shire can apply.

To be eligible for a listing we need your promotional voucher to be available to purchase online on your website.

Submissions should be emailed to and include the following:

  1. Your business contact details for publication
  2. Title - short catchy title for your voucher deal
  3. Description – a short explanation of your gift voucher. Include a lead-in price if possible.
  4. Validity dates and any special conditions – you can make you offer available for a limited time or make it available all year. Include any Promotional Codes required for discount redemptions.
  5. Two clear, high quality images in landscape orientation minimum 2mb for use on web, digital and social media.
  6. URL for a BUY NOW button which connects customers to your gift voucher booking and payment system

Example gift voucher listing

Below: The short listing appears on the Gift Voucher landing page and includes a brief product description

Below: The detail listing opens with a click through from the short listing. It includes the full details of the Gift Voucher including Promotional Codes, the call to action BUY NOW button, and direct business contact details

Below:  The BUY NOW button links customer to the business online sales page

Accessible holiday initiative

Council is committed to promoting Eurobodalla as an accessible tourism destination that is welcoming and inclusive of people of all ages and abilities.

In Australia, it is estimated that 4.2 million people (18.5% of the population) have one of more disabilities (ABS 2012). Of this group 88% take a holiday each year. The number of people with a disability (who have access requirements) increases to 35% when you include people with temporary disabilities resulting from injury or illness. The number of people seeking accessible holidays is even bigger when you add people affected by disability including family and friends, seniors with restricted mobility and parents with young children.

Accessible tourism is supported by Council's Good Access means Good Business program which provides information and support to businesses working towards improving accessibility and we encourage you to look at the resources available.

We are offering a free listing on planned new Accessible Tourism web pages on  The objective is to create a consumer resource to promote accessible holiday itineraries, accommodation, eating out, attractions and activities and, in the long term, create a specific accessible holiday campaign to drive traffic to the web pages and to the businesses taking part.


For your business to be included on the new web pages you must have a genuine accessible offering. You will need to provide a web link/ URL to a specific webpage on your website that provides relevant and detailed information and appropriate photos about accessibility.  This page must comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and there is plenty of information available on the web about these (see under Useful Links and Information, below).

Please note that while we are not specifically seeking specific deals or offers, we may run campaigns in the future and ask businesses to create specific promotional offers.

We expect that phone contact will be the preferred method of customer conversion from these pages, so you should consider how all your staff will be able to provide suitable customer service and information about accessibility in the area (this information will be on our website and we will build it up over time).

What we need from you

  1. Live link to your specific accessibility webpage
  2. A well written 100 word description of your product, service or experience which will get people clicking thought to your webpage
  3. One image landscape orientation minimum 2mb for the web listing on and for use in digital and social activities
  4. Video content (optional)
  5. An ATDW listing (for eligible tourism businesses)

Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

ATDW now have 'inclusive' information fields for  accessibility. Log on to your ATDW (Get Connected) console and include this information so that this information is displayed on your listing on and

If you have an accommodation business with accessible features or facilities, update your ATDW listing to get your business featured under our Where To Stay - Accessible accommodation pages. Contact for more information or to nominate your business.

Useful links and information

Tourism Victoria have some excellent resources about accessible tourism and how to develop your web content.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are mandatory standards that all government websites must comply with. Private businesses can adopt these guidelines to improve web content. There are several accessibility checking tools on offer that can review and report on various accessibility aspects of your web pages.

If you have any queries about the tourism website, please contact or read about Council's Disability Services.

Weddings hub

Promotion opportunity for businesses

Many Eurobodalla businesses target the Weddings market and we are creating an online weddings hub to support these businesses.

We will use the hub on to raise awareness and interest in Eurobodalla as a wedding destination.

Attracting more weddings to Eurobodalla can help grow our local economy. This will benefit tourism operators and other business sectors.

The weddings target market includes:

  • brides and grooms
  • wedding party attendants
  • families, friends, and their guests

How to get involved

The hub aims to present Eurobodalla as a desirable wedding and honeymoon destination. To achieve this we will create relevant, quality information for visitors to

Any business working in the wedding market can submit content for the wedding hub.

There are three business categories:

1. Venues

2. Associated products and services

3. Accommodation (must have a live Australian Tourism Data Warehouse listing)

To participate you must have an eligible business or service operating within Eurobodalla shire boundaries and make a submission for inclusion. We will only publish relevant content that can meet our criteria and supports the objectives of the hub.

Eligible Business types


Venues include:

  • churches
  • clubs and pubs
  • accommodation with onsite conference facilities
  • indoor or outdoor spaces suitable for hosting a wedding or similar function

Any Eurobodalla venue that is targeting the wedding market can make a submission.

Associated products and services

Examples of associated products and services include;

  • florists
  • photographer
  • hair and beauty salons
  • specialty gifts and jewellers
  • activities, tours, attractions
  • wedding planners
  • caterers and hire
  • printers
  • cake makers and decorators
  • celebrants

Any product or service provider targeting the wedding market can make a submission.


Any accommodation provider targeting the wedding market can make a submission.

To be eligible you must have:

  • A themed room, product or package aimed at the weddings market, eg a honeymoon suite, bridal packages, or similarly themed product
  • A webpage that features your package or product and explains how to book it
  • A current,  live ATDW listing

What we need from you

Submit your information to

You may submit a listing to more than one business category, with a limit of one listing per category. This offer is always open - you can submit your information any time.

Please provide:

Business details

  • Name of primary contact person
  • Business name, website, email and phone contact details for publication
  • Business category (venue, associated, or accommodation)
  • Service/Product description (no word limit - we will edit to suit) Provide an inspired sales pitch describing your product or service. Explain how your business caters for and appeals to the target market.  We may use your pitch for related marketing and promotion activities


  • 2 high quality images at 2MB or larger file size
  • landscape presentation
  • depict the target market engaging with your product or service, or present your product or service in a wedding-related context
  • you must own the rights to your images, or have express permission from the owner of the images, to allow us to use your images on the tourism website and in other marketing applications
  • images must be an authentic representation of your business product or service.  Do not submit Shutterstock or similar stock photography.

Online promotional page

You will need online content on your website or Facebook page that talks about your wedding product or service.

Supply either:

  • URL to your specific weddings page relevant to your service/product, or
  • URL for your Facebook business page

Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW - for accommodation providers only)

Eligible businesses must have a live ATDW listing. To find out if your business is eligible please contact

Video content – optional

If you have MP4 or WAV video files you can submit your relevant video for us to include in short video for web and social media. We may edit your video or image content for a range of display formats or publications. We cannot guarantee to credit individual businesses, videographers or photographers.


When we get enough business listings, we will launch the wedding hub and run an awareness campaign.

Previous campaigns and results