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Beach safety

Beaches can have hidden dangers, so always swim at patrolled beaches and stay between the red and yellow flags. No flags = no swim.

If you witness a water emergency outside patrolled locations, phone 000 and ask for Police.

  • Rips can be difficult to see, so always observe the rhythm and movement of the sea before entering the surf. If you're unsure about how to identify a rip, check with your local Surf Lifesaving club.
  • Calm bays and protected beaches are the safest places to enjoy swimming and snorkeling.
  • Avoid swimming or surfing in rough seas, and never go into the water when safety warnings or beach closures are in force.
  • Board riders, please keep your boards away from flagged areas, for your own and others' safety.
  • Always wear a life jacket when boating, kayaking or fishing. Sea and surf conditions can change quickly, and you might not have time to put on a life jacket when you suddenly need it.

For more beach safety information contact your closest Surf Lifesaving Club or visit the Beach Safe website.