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Animals, the bush, and the coast

Eurobodalla’s estuaries support diverse ecosystems including mangroves, salt marshes and sea grasses. Eurobodalla is also home to many threatened species and endangered ecological communities, including flying-foxes.

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Estuaries of Eurobodalla

Estuaries are areas of transition between the land and the sea with environmental, social and economic importance. All major estuaries of Eurobodalla are valued for the recreation and tourism opportunities they provide.

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Grey-headed flying-foxes have always had camps in Eurobodalla Shire. Population numbers vary with seasonal migration. Any flying-foxes in the region are likely to forage around residential areas at night wherever there are food sources.

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Native wildlife and threatened species

We work with other agencies and the community to reduce the pressures and threats that impact negatively on species and to improve the condition and increase the extent of threatened species habitat and endangered communities where possible.

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Coastal projects

Eurobodalla Council has a responsibility to our community to preserve the coast for its natural beauty and the contribution it makes to our economy and lifestyle, and ensuring settlements are resilient to natural coastal hazards.